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The SEGA AGES Games Have Been Delayed On Nintendo Switch

Those of you who were looking forward to the release ofย SEGA AGES Sonic the Hedgehogย andย SEGA AGES Thunder Force IV will sadly have to wait a few weeks. SEGA has confirmed today that the games, which were meant to be released this month, are now due to be released in September. Not a huge delay, but one nevertheless. SEGA says that they have been delayed in order to improve the quality.

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9 thoughts on “The SEGA AGES Games Have Been Delayed On Nintendo Switch”

    1. I’ll buy Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1+2 in a heartbeat if they get released as Sega Ages games WITH full online functionality (and hopefully voice chat built in the game to circumvent Nintendo’s god forsaken app.)

  1. This might be a controversial opinion, but I wish Sega would just release another Genesis collection for the Switch. I bought that thing a zillion times already and I’m willing to buy it again for the portable/hybrid nature. On the flip side, I remember seeing the Sega Ages Golden Axe and being less than impressed with its budget-tier presentation.

  2. How come SEGA flop with their legacy releases so much? I can only assume they’re pulling them back to fix the usual issues their ports usually have, but how hard can a ROM possibly be?

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