Video: New Fire Emblem Heroes Trailer Showcases The Legendary Hero-King Marth

A brand-new Fire Emblem Heroes trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure, inviting you to learn more about Marth: Hero-King. The promo looks at some of the Legendary Hero’s combative style, animations and battle skills. Available now as a free download on iOS and Android devices, Fire Emblem Heroes allows you to fight battles customized for touch screens and on-the-go gameplay, summon characters from across the Fire Emblem universe, and develop your Heroesโ€™ abilities and take them to new heights.


    1. You and me both my dude. I’m currently replaying old games as what nintendo is advertising right now (mostly smash, pokemon and a few others) doesn’t interest me.

      1. I’d want Genny and Azura. Azura gives more of an legendary vibe than Olivia, and with healers there’s not that many memorable characters to me that feel legendary. either Genny or Wrys, other healers that I know feel like anime school girls, even Lucius.

  1. Just like others have said, a three houses trailer instead of this heroes stuff would be better, even if it was just some concept art and nothing else…it’s better than nothing ;)

  2. At least they are giving the spot light to a character who is not from awakening, fates or some b00pzilla.

    1. True, but Shadow Dragon(and those three other attached to it) have had a lot of attention though. Look at Fire Emblem Warriors. Main characters there was from Shadow Dragon, Awakening and Fates.

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