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It Was Nintendo’s Idea To Add Star Fox To Starlink: Battle For Atlas

The Fox McCloud and Star Fox collaboration in the Nintendo Switch version of Ubisoft’s Starlink: Battle For Atlas came as a massive surprise to Nintendo fans and it turns out it was mainly Nintendo’s idea. The news was revealed by Kotaku is a lengthy interview with Laurent Malville, who is the creative director of the game.

“We were like “Wow, incredible!”…to present to Nintendo. So I did the demo and at the end of the presentation, I remember one of the representatives asking us “Are you OK if I come back with more people?” and we were like “Yes, please! We’re here to show the game to as many people as we can!” – and so they came back two times, three times, four times, and they came back with incredible people – so we had the director of Mario Odyssey was there and we had the director of ARMS and Mario Kart and more like… “OK..” two times, three times… up to five times, and the fifth time that they came it was with Reggie Fills-Aime and so on. So I’ll let you imagine… we’re like ‘OK… what’s happening?’”

Malville and his team had made an impression. “Several weeks later we learn from Ubisoft HQ in Paris that we were invited to present Starlink to Nintendo HQ, to Mr Miyamoto and the original Star Fox team, and it was not only to present Starlink but also to present what the collaboration between Nintendo and Ubisoft would look like with Fox.”

So the collaboration was Nintendo’s idea? “As far as I know yes – maybe HQ had talked together with Nintendo, I don’t know about that part, but as far as we know yes. It’s after them seeing the game at E3 and then them inviting us to Kyoto that it started for us.”


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!


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  2. as Tim aka NintendoCapriSun once said ‘two times in a row, man’ except its more in line of ‘three time in a row, man’

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