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Video: Starlink: Battle For Atlas Star Fox Gameplay

Shacknews has uploaded some new gameplay footage of Star Fox in Starlink: Battle For Atlas. If you haven’t had the chance to see how Fox McCloud and the Arwing will work in the game, here is your opportunity to do so. The game releases on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on October 16th. The 12 minutes of gameplay can be seen down below.


21 thoughts on “Video: Starlink: Battle For Atlas Star Fox Gameplay”

  1. Don’t get me wrong, game looks like a blast, but I can’t stand Fox being in the bottom left. It’s so distracting.

    1. I imagine there’s a way to disable the little head down there.

      This is looking really cool, I’m not sure if I want to splurge on the actual toys to life thing because that doesn’t appeal to me at all. (Though I might not hate having an Arwing statue, I’d do my best to avoid having to actually play with the toy. If this game sells well I’d love to see them partner with this team at Ubisoft and give them free reign to make an open solar system Star Fox game.

      I would have been happy with Star Fox Zero if the controls hadn’t been so bad (I love how the reticle here shows you where you’ll actually be shooting. :P ) but if they took this engine or one like it and actually allowed you to fly through various planets. Realistically they’d probably have to make them more like planetoids, and they could cheap out and make it so that you’d see cities in the distance but once you got close enough you’d just hit a button to “enter them” and be able to shop and do things with menus and what not. Heck they could even let you run around as Fox, Falco and Peppy (screw you Slippy) in a city and talk to people if they really wanted, but I’d hope that they’d leave most of the game to an open world flying thing taking on bad guys.

      I’d actually love it if they made that type of game and didn’t make Andros the villain. Imagine something totally different, maybe even force Star Fox and Star Wolf to team up for some reason. Star Fox Zero bombed but that wasn’t because people didn’t love Star Fox, it’s because people hate using the game pad screen to aim when they should just be able to aim on the TV. Less natural controls aren’t a selling feature. If they wanted to simulate having the ship being able to fire in a different direction they should have allowed to auto fire when holding down the fire button and aiming with the right stick.

      1. If the update to No Man’s Sky fixes many issues people had with the original game, I wouldn’t mind letting NMS’s developers have a crack at Star Fox with a nice sizable budget to give us an open world solar system.

  2. I am seriously considering buying the game, however I am still waiting for reviews and details on the switch version performance to decide.

    1. For what I’ve seen on vids, the demos are 30 fps and lag here and there, on the top left corner they say “work in progress” so hopefully they iron the drops out. They are using the scalable resolution trick too. I’m sure it won’t be on par with the other consoles but for what I’ve seen it’s gonna look pretty decent.

      Also the switch version includes more content than the others! Here some info about the game that I haven’t seen talked about anywhere yet.

      Apart from the Arwing, 2 pilots and 2 weapons, it seems that it also includes a digital Zenith starship and the shredder weapon.

      That would be 2 starships, 2 pilots and 3 weapons! vs 1 starship, 1 pilot and 3 weapons on other consoles.

      I stumbled upon this on its US Amazon page, they added a second pic that mentions this under “Also includes”. I also found it on Ubisoft’s website.

      On the Amazon pic it also mentions about the possibility of it requiring a Nintendo online subscription 🧐 and not 15 Gb but 4 Gb to download.

      Amazon pic:

      Ubisoft’s site:

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