Nintendo Switch

Video: Mega Man 11 – Impact Man Intro

Mega Man fans are looking forward to the long-awaited new instalment of the series titled, Mega Man 11. The game is coming to Nintendo’s latest system on the 2nd of October and it looks set to deliver. Capcom has uploaded a new video which focusses on one of the bosses who is called Impact Man. Take a watch below and see him at work!


      1. Sue Powers! You get to sue your enemy and a shit load of lawyers appear and the enemy dies from overwhelming debt! xD


      2. Another power could be what Vince McMahon and Donald Trump would say to an employee they want to get rid of: Mega Man yells “You’re fired!” and the enemy actually bursts into flames. xD


      3. Hire Minion, where an underpaid employee robot comes in flailing its arms at enemies. Just use Coupon Man’s weapon, Everything Goes, you’ll be fine.


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