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Bandai Namco Says They Would Consider A One Piece: World Seeker Nintendo Switch Port

Dual Shockers recently had the opportunity to talk to One Piece: World Seeker producer Rei Hirata and naturally they asked whether or not there is a possibility that Nintendo Switch owners would receive a port of One Piece: World Seeker. Hirata explained that it isn’t in development, but if the fans want it, then they might end up getting it.

“We had already started developing [the game] before the Switch came out. We already have our hands full developing just for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam that have already been announced. We’ll see what the fans say, and then think about Switch.”


Thanks to MasterPikachu6 for the news tip!

11 thoughts on “Bandai Namco Says They Would Consider A One Piece: World Seeker Nintendo Switch Port”

  1. That’d be nice. This game has a lot of promise. Honestly, i love One Piece but I almost wish this game wasn’t based off it since the majority of games based of manga/comics aren’t great.
    An open world game where the player characters arm is both a grapple, a gun, and a normal arm… Plus immunity to fall damage… And sensing enemies for stealth options… It could be a potentially fun game.

  2. That’s why it is unfair to continue putting Capcom in Smash, as for for the extra Nintendo cash still no Resident Evil, now ain’t that’s like a Slash.

    Ubisoft deserves to be in the fighting game. They support Nintendo and Rayman is not close to lame.

    1. No, this one is more open world and exploratory. There’s still combat in the game, but it’s not at the forefront like the warriors games. Hopefully they can pull it off!

  3. Yes, PLEASE…. I literally was planning to buy a used console just to play this and Jump Force. If this comes out on Switch, then I might rethink that.

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