Nintendo Switch

Dead Cells On The Nintendo Switch Is Outselling PlayStation 4 By A Massive 4-1

The Nintendo Switch has been extremely well supported by independent developers and the fact gamers can play big games on the go or play on the TV has proved to be the perfect recipe for success. Video game site Destructoid has revealed that the acclaimed Dead Cells is another indie success story on the platform. In fact, the Nintendo Switch version of the game has outsold the PlayStation 4 by 4-1, which is quite some achievement.




  1. I don’t doubt it. The switch is perfect for games like this and I’ve seriously enjoyed this game.
    Indie games are definitely getting better and the switch is the best platform for them.
    Still want big AAA games though

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    1. Same here. Hollow Knight was an instant buy because of the great price, but I’m not going to drop $35 for a procedurally generated 2D indie title.


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