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Nintendo Switch Game Cases Will Say Whether Game Supports Cloud Saves

When the paid Nintendo Switch Online service launches later this month gamers will have the option of saving their games saves to the cloud. It turns out that upcoming Nintendo Switch titles will feature the text “Compatible with Save Data Cloud Backup of Nintendo Switch Online” to inform customers that the game has cloud save functionality.


22 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Game Cases Will Say Whether Game Supports Cloud Saves”

  1. That sucks then, it should be for all the save data, in case you need to replace lost or broken Switch or when switching to inevitable new rev.

      1. I’m sorry, but the option of backups shouldn’t be something devs can choose to leave out, especially when this is the only official way to make sure your saved data remains intact if something happens to your system when said system has proven to not be the most stable. I don’t care any reason a dev may have for not being able to backup your stuff, any reason to give would be petty.

  2. Just out curiosity.
    I took out my sd card out the other day and inserted a 200gb one to check the system would accept it and it does.
    All my games were there ( about 50 ).
    But they all had the cloud next to them which when selected you had to re download. Is this something I can do and have all the game content back and save points etc?
    I know it’ll take forever, but I could just do it with one particular game first that il spend loads of time on and the rest at will.
    Also I know there are easier ways like copying the micro sd with Mac etc, but just wanted to know.

    1. As far as I know yes you can redownload them to your new card and all the save data will be active for them because it is stored on the Switch’s internal 32gb memory.

    1. It’s too soon to say that though, for all we know Nintendo could make all their 1st Party games be cloud-compatible but it’s all the 2nd and 3rd parties that decide whether or not they want it in. Nintendo may have a lot of power at their fingertips but they can’t dictate what developers do with their games.

  3. The problem we have here is certain games, like Splatoon 2 for example, have cloud-compatibility then it could open a can of worms as it would allow players to exploit this and simply re-backup their saves when things don’t go the way they want. This is why I feel in some game’s cases it would be understandable if they chose not to include cloud-compatibility because of this potential issue. The only solution I can see to this is Nintendo makes it so you can only download a save once a day similar to how you can only scan 1 amiibo a day with certain games.

  4. Yep, hacking it is (ave managers and NAND backup all the way), since this service is now bullshit. The one useful thing on this service that we shouldn’t have to pay for in the first place, and they fuck it up over which games you have to start over and which one you don’t.


    Oh, and you Nin-purists out there can make some flimsy argument about how Nintendo is in their right to block out hackers, but you damn sure can’t tell us that we’re not allowed to preserve ALL our save data, and should anything happen, actually DESERVE to loose our save data.

    Just watch Nintendo release a firmware that actually erases people’s save data. At this point, nothing is improbable with them anymore.

    1. I think most people are disappointed, big Nintendo fans or not, about the save data situation on the Switch. I’d hoped this cloud data backup was going to solve the issue but it seems now like it’s more like a half measure which is a shame. No need to go over the top about it though

      1. Have you ever lost thousands of hours in save data before? This combined with all the other douchey things Nintendo has been doing lately.

        My “over-the-top” is justified.

  5. I kinda don’t mind too much. I had my microSD card on my 3DS get corrupted somehow and lost all my data. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I got to replay some great games and it changed my outlook of video games of “is this a chore with a (meaningless) virtual trophy at the end?” or “is this fun and worth my time?”

    To be fair, I’m not against save data backups though. I’m just saying it’s not the end of the world if your data gets lost and, if it is, maybe it’s a good sign you’re video gaming is more a chore to you than a fun hobby.

  6. I see lots of complaining on here, and it’s understandable. But from Nintendo’s perspective, this is probably a way to keep their platform secure. Probably to prevent hackers from being able to backup fake save data that could lead to a whole bunch of issues. I’m guessing Nintendo has a hand in allowing games to be able to backup saves and that it’s not just a choice the game devs make.

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  9. This bullshit wouldn’t be an issue if Nintendo WOULD KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF WITH CONSOLE-LOCKING OUR FUCKING SHIT!!! Let people transfer their save data & their games to their Micro SD Card, a USB storage device, or even external HDDs. Quit complicating shit. This “anti-whatever” bullshit ultimately only punishes the good users that don’t break the rules. There is such a thing as being TOO secure.

    Of course, the sad truth is this isn’t about Nintendo protecting their shit anymore (if it’s ever been about that at all) but simply trying to put a stranglehold on their users because they are control freaks that want their customers under their iron grip.

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