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Video: Starlink On Nintendo Switch Opening Cutscene Featuring Star Fox Team

One of the big third-party games this autumn on the Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly Starlink: Battle for Atlas which features Fox McCloud and company from the beloved Star Fox series. GameXplain has uploaded some direct-feed footage of the opening cutscene of the game on the Nintendo Switch and it features the wonderful Fox, Falco, Slippy and Peppy. Take a watch down below!

Thanks toย Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!


  1. I wish they would have dove all in on this one and just made it a Star Fox licensed exclusive. I’m sure that would rile people up over the toys even more, but then they could have a whole line of Star Fox toys with Amiibo NFC added in. Star Fox needs broken off its rails anyways.

  2. Game looks great, I want to believe this is running on other consoles but seeing Fox proves itโ€™s runnng on Switch. Runs extremely smooth and it just looks fun. I was worried the whole game would be hovering on the surface rather than flying but in another gamexplain video Fox regains flight which put me at ease knowing this should have a variety of gameplay. Hope some of the planets they explore have more to them than desert landscapes and minimal enemies but other wise this game looks like a must have for me.

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