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Video: Mega Man 11 Bounce Man Reveal Trailer

Mega Man 11 artwork

The Xbox YouTube channel has just uploaded a new video for the new Mega Man adventure, Mega Man 11. This particular trailer takes a look at Bounce Man’s stage and the battle with the boss at the end of the stage. Don’t forget that the demo is now available to download on the Nintendo Switch and seemingly the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

“Get ready to jump, shoot, and jump again as Mega Man springs into Bounce Manโ€™s rubbery stage in Mega Man 11. This newly revealed stage is bursting with colorful obstacles and enemies. Bounce Man awaits at the end of the stage โ€“ a jolly Robot Master boss who tends to play too rough.”

4 thoughts on “Video: Mega Man 11 Bounce Man Reveal Trailer”

  1. I played the demo and I still cant get over some of the animations, especially Mega Man’s run animation. As someone who’s beaten every game in the classic series, it just doesn’t feel right. Tbh, it just feels like I’m playing a fan game, and its ruining the experience.

    Smash got it right but Capcom can’t? I dont understand.

  2. This used to be the kind of third party that made the Nes and Snes legendary consoles together with games like Castlevania,Final Fantasy,Street Fighter any many others.

    Wich proves my point that Nintendo isn’t what It used to be cause games like GTA,Metal Gear, Witcher, Fallout,Cod and many others are the Mega Man,Castlevania,Final Fantasy and Street fighter of the modern day. Wich Nintendo has been lacking ever since the N64. (with exception of the gamecube altough not fully cause even that didn’t have games like Final Fantasy main line franchise so it wasnt perfect either)

    If you or me like those games is completly irrelevant. The only thing that matters is that the perfect Nintendo console (Nes+Snes) has all the major titles , not just Nintendo first party titles. Cause that is what made Nintendo great in the first place , not just Mario,Zelda,Metroid cause for me and everyone I know Mega Man,Castlevania,Street Fighter,Final Fantasy and others are just as important.

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