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Nintendo Trademarks Golden Sun, Rhythm Heaven And More

Nintendo has recently trademarked four titles and those are Wrecking Crew, Rhythm Heaven, Mario Super Sluggers and Golden Sun. Hopefully something will come of these trademarks for established series such as Golden Sun, as I’m sure a number of you would like to see a new entry in the series on the Nintendo Switch.


27 thoughts on “Nintendo Trademarks Golden Sun, Rhythm Heaven And More”

    1. I wouldn’t mind HD remake of the originals, and I DO mean HD, like, idk, BOTW style/quality graphics? I know, not likely, but I can dream! But also if it’s a new episode, Golden Sun is just an amazing series (never played the 3DS game though)

      1. The 3DS game was not as great. I wouldn’t mind if they just left it and did a prequel to the first gamss that showed the events where they sealed Alchemy.

  1. IS NO ONE SERIOUSLY HYPED FOR THE POSSIBILITY OF A RHYTHM HEAVEN CHARACTER FINALLY IN SMASH?! Honestly im super hyped for this and golden sun fans too


    freaking love Wrecking Crew

    Again, it’s important to remember that they may just be protecting IP. This may be a big fat nothing.

  3. I know this trademarking stuff usually doesn’t lead to much….but SERIOUSLY! MAKE ANOTHER GOLDEN SUN!

    And put Isaac in Smash!

  4. I love it how everytime they routinely renew their trademarks, everyone freaks out over what new games must be coming out.
    Don’t get me wrong, a new Golden Sun, or a new Wreaking Crew would be great, but they are just making sure that no one else can aquire the names if the copyright expired.

  5. If Isaac or a Rhythm Heaven character (Preferably either Karate Joe or Tap Trial girl, everyone would complain if Wandering Samurai got in because “MORE SWORD FIGHTERS”) are getting into Smash, they’ll be DLC. Foreman Spike could still be base game.

    That said, it’s good more Rhythm Heaven games are possibly happening. Always had this idea of a Rhythm Heaven that was pretty much “What if there was a fourth game Megamix had its original songs based from?” but an entirely new game would be cool too. Or Rhythm Tengoku localization.

    If they keep Rap Men’s perfect attendance award in the next Rhythm Heaven, that’d be awesome.

  6. Oh Please Yes. Golden Sun is a forgotten Treasure in JRPG’s. Besides, it really felt like the Takahashi Brothers were teasing a 4th sequel with how lacking Dark Dawn was in music,story, conflicting lore and antagonists. With all the time that’s passed, it could be possible that they’ve been secretly planning concepts for a 4th sequel. Nonetheless, now there’s also a possibility that it could hint Issac or Mathew being in Smash, which would also be wonderful. Either way is great

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