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Japan: CoroCoro Says Super Smash Bros Ultimate Has 108 Stages

The team over at Source Gaming have recently acquired the latest edition of Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro. Inside the publication is some information on the latest instalment in the beloved series for the Nintendo Switch, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The magazine states that the new game will feature 108 stages.

14 thoughts on “Japan: CoroCoro Says Super Smash Bros Ultimate Has 108 Stages”

    1. I don’t think there will be yet another Kirby stage. Or any more returning stages unless it’s in the form of a Poke Floats 2.
      I’d say Minecraft is still possible but there’d be no reason to add a Ken stage. Also more likely a Rabbid Stage vs Rayman… But I doubt either will happen.

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    Personally, I think that this destroys the whole box art theory of their only being 2 characters left. 2 echo and 2 original and that is it. I also think CoroCoro is right when it said there are 108 stages, even though we only know about 103 now. Now, this would be a shame if that number ended up being a major typo, but I honestly doubt that’s the case.

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  3. I thought this information was already known to everyone. The Smash Direct clearly showed the space left for 5 stages. That empty space was awkwardly left there, so it was already obvious that Sakurai wasn’t showing everything to us. He said he’ll show all the fighters before the game’s release but didn’t say anything about revealing much of anything us, so it was also pretty obvious that he wouldn’t reveal everything about the stage count.

  4. This gives people more hope that more than 2 character’s reveal which is good. However not all new characters (example Ridley) got a Stage, so we cannot assume that every new character will get its own Stage. Well, here’s my prediction for the 5 Stages:

    1. A Stage based on Metroid: Samus Returns

    2. Sector Z

    3. A Mario + Rabbits Stage

    4. A Stage for a new Character

    5. A Stage for another new Character

  5. (Continuation) Of course I want more than 2 new characters reveal before Smash Ultimate comes in december. Hopefully they announce Impa as a semi clone of Sheik just as Isabelle is of Villager.

    1. I dunno, I feel like Impa should have an original moveset based on her use of her naginata from Hyrule Warriors- because I feel that game should get some representation. She should use her HW appearance too.

      1. That would be cool but it seems Sakurai is focused on the most requested characters in USA and Japan, which is why I don’t have my hopes up for her to be unique.

        However, I do want her to be unique and I agree that her Hyrule Warriors style look is the best for Smash Ultimate. I hope she appears as a DLC.

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