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Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee Won’t Have Held Items Or Abilities

The upcoming new Pokemon adventures for the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee, won’t feature a number of things we have seen in the established handheld series. The latest omission is that the game won’t have the traditional held items or abilities. The following was discovered by Serebii after a recent Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! preview session.

“As many people have speculated through various demos and videos, there are no held items in the game and no option to make a Pokémon hold an item. This means that many of the items you come to expect such as Choice Band cannot be found. In addition to this, Abilities also aren’t in the game.”


47 thoughts on “Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee Won’t Have Held Items Or Abilities”

    1. Where did this information come from? This website is not owned by Nintendo, how can you be sure the information is accurate?

  1. Thank goodness. Much like trying to catch pokemon, figuring out how to get a Pokemon to hold an item was just too difficult to understand. Plus the abilities…. They were so over my head that I just had to pretend they weren’t there.

    I’m confident I’m finally going to beat Brock after all these years!

    1. I know that the core games have gotten more complex over the years with the new mechanics and abilities, but what Game Freak is doing with the Let’s Go spinoffs is ridiculous. Even if these games are designed for young kids, it then begs another question — are young kids these days too dumb that they need this much hand-holding? Has intelligence gone out the window entirely? Do people need to be told exactly what to do and where to go because they can’t use their brain and figure it out themselves? That’s the bigger problem I see with Let’s Go, from a psychological perspective. It’s implying that with all the technological advancements we’ve made and how far we’ve come as a society over the past 20 years, humans are getting dumber and dumber, to the point where they don’t understand even the most basic of things.

    1. Red and blue didn’t abilities or held items but still main line Pokémon games. I guess fake Pokémon fans are still going to hate on let’s go even though it’ a more faithful remake of gen 1 than fire red was.

      1. You are talking nonsense, the abilities and the option to held items didn’t even exist in that time. Now that they exist and add a lot to the gameplay, whats the reason to put it out?

      2. Yeah, they didn’t have color, either.

        If you think they’re withholding these gameplay mechanics to be a more “faithful remake”, then you’re deluding yourself. They’re doing it to make the game easier to play in order to attract less experienced players.

        That doesn’t mean you have to hate the game. Even if you’re a hard-core pokemon fan, at worst you just have to wait until a real new pokemon game comes out, and play something else in the meantime. It’s fine if Nintendo wants to try selling to a wider audience.

        But at the same time, don’t constantly look for ways to praise Nintendo just for the sake of it. It’s nauseating. Calling this a “more faithful remake” than the GBA versions is ridiculous.

      3. +Supreme_Realize
        If you think these are “faithful remakes” then you are extremely dumb. Newsflash; These are not remakes, these are essentially a new Pokemon series that they have decided to place in Kanto likely because they want to capitalize on the love people have for Kanto due to nostalgia. If these were faithful remakes then they wouldn’t be shoving that horrible Pokemon Go Catching nonsense on us. In addition, in the original games, you actually had a good rival that, oh I don’t know, actually felt like a rival and not some friendly pat-on-the-back rival that gives you next-to-no reason to want to kick his ass. Also, by your logic, we shouldn’t have Alolan Forms and Mega Evolutions in these games if they are “faithful remakes”.
        What’s more is your comparison about us not having Abilities and Hold Items is flawed as we didn’t even have those back in generation 1, why take them out now when it’s clear as day they only make the gameplay better and actually give you some freedom in customization. The only customization in these games is you can play dress up with your Pokemon.
        Wow, I just told you all that, not bad for someone that’s apparently a “Fake Pokemon Fan”, huh?

    2. I’m a huge pokemon fan; love held items and abilities and all the little intricacies. However, my girlfiriend is also a big fan, but plays more casually. She plays through the games but doesn’t like to battle me because she doesn’t really use hold items or pay attention to abilities, she just plays through for fun.

      Similarly, one of my friends owns a switch and recently got back into Nintendo. He’s super excited by this game. He doesn’t like Pokemon Go anymore because all of the new pokemon that aren’t the original 150 overwhelm him.

      This game is for people like that. It also looks like a fun distraction before the next gen for more hardcore fans like me. Even though I’m disappointment that those features won’t be included, I’m also looking forward to playing this simplified version of the game along with my casual fan friends. There are pros and cons to everything, and some people are looking forward to this game specifically because it’s simplified.

      I think you’ll be surprised by how well this game sells. Hopefully it’ll inspire more people to jump onboard and give the modern games a shot!

      1. Nobody is saying these games are gonna sell poorly, the fact it’s Pokemon and is a return to Kanto alone will definitely generate some traffic but it’s the fact Gamefreak are classing these as the next mainline games which they clearly are not that is making people angry. I’ve played all the main series games since gen 3 and have never missed a single release but these? These are not apart of the “main series”, if anything these are the follow ups to Pokemon Go and the reason Gamefreak are saying these are mainline games is so fans will feel pressured into buying to carry on their collection which if that’s what they are trying, it’s definitely not working.

  2. Hahaha sorry, but this cements it. I’m not getting this game. I guess mega evolutions don’t need the mega stones now then. There are certain things that are retro like only including a certain number of Pokemon, and then there’s a step backwards. I think this qualifies as the latter.

      1. If you don’t see how the Switch is a regression, I can’t help you. You aren’t wrong, though. I am entitled because that’s what being a consumer is all about. As a consumer paying for a product/service, I am entitled to receiving the best damn product/service they can give us.

        That’s the problem with some of these people defending Nintendo: they stopped thinking like consumers, people who ARE entitled to a good product/service, and let Nintendo treat them like slaves that should just take whatever scraps their master gives them and be damn fucking grateful for it (and never utter a single word of complaints which is something a consumer is also entitled to.) But hey! That’s their problem, not mine.

      2. +Infinite Ridley
        “I am entitled because that’s what being a consumer is all about. As a consumer paying for a product/service, I am entitled to receiving the best damn product/service they can give us.”

        And that’s precisely where you are wrong. No dude, just because you are a consumer does not mean you get to decide what the games can and cannot do. All being a consumer means is you have the ability to choose whether or not you wish to buy their product. Take me for example; I am not buying Pokemon Lets Go as it does not interest me but you can bet I will be buying the next big Pokemon Game that’s coming next year, why? Because that’s my right as a consumer; the ability to choose what I can and cannot buy, it does not give me the ability to tell Nintendo or Gamefreak or whoever what they can and cannot do.

        1. You know what. Entitled isn’t the correct word to use since it’s viewed as a negative word. The correct word I should use should be RIGHT. You have a RIGHT to a game that isn’t full of glitches and bugs since you bought the game; a RIGHT to cloud saves for all of your games because cloud saves is one of the things paid online is supposed to go toward; a RIGHT to server connections instead of the buggy P2P connections because that’s another thing paid online is supposed to go toward; a RIGHT to get a free replacement for your system if the old one dies for something you had no control over since you paid for an extended warranty. There is more to being a consumer than just the decision to buy something or not.

      3. +Infinite Ridley
        First off; Unless Nintendo flat out states you will get a free replacement under 2 years of warranty, you were not given the “right” to anything. If you’re gonna fish out money and then expect something that wasn’t in the agreement, that’s your fault. It would be your “right” if it was in the agreement but guess what? It wasn’t. I know that’s a harsh stance and I’m sorry but that’s the reality of it.
        Secondly, I’ve been using P2P for years and it works just fine. I was even playing Splatoon 2 today for hours in the Splatfest and there was hardly any issues. If I recall, in the 4+ hours I played, I think there was 2 connection errors and they weren’t even in games! They happened when I was connecting to a lobby so whatever is going on is on your side.
        I do agree on the bugs and glitches one, though I don’t know what game you’re referring to as all games I own on Nintendo Switch run perfectly.
        Finally, I do *kinda* agree on the Cloud Saves but so far, Splatoon 2 is the only game that doesn’t support it. It’s too soon to suggest Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing as we don’t know what sort of services they have, I mean hell, it’s entirely possible the Nintendo Switch will get Pokemon Bank. As for 3rd Party games, well it’s up to the developers what versions can and cannot have cloud saves so you can’t blame Nintendo for that. I know people have pointed to the fact Dark Souls has Cloud-Saves on the PS4 but as I said, that’s up to the developers and even Nintendo has no control over that.

      1. Salty, whiny, entitled. These are just some of the buzzwords today’s social media uses when a few (or many) voice their displeasure with shitty products (Ghostbusters 2016, Wii U, The Last Jedi (I enjoyed TLJ but I can see why others didn’t as there are a few things that are in fact terrible about the movie) & services (Switch’s paid online.)

        But you’re not wrong. The Wii U was a failure that followed what some, myself included, felt was an underwhelming system (Wii.) I want Switch to be an evolution of Nintendo’s systems but they seem to be making more mistakes with it than successes in my opinion. As others always say about Call of Duty, great sales doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great product.

  3. This was obvious as none have shown in any footage we’ve seen. It’s not that big of a problem for me as the games will still be fun and there’s something to be said for the simplicity of just picking your Pokémon and moves without these additions. Many people already made there minds up about these games when they saw the word Go in them so I expect more over the top reactions to this news

  4. I guess this game is aimed specifically for Pokemon Go players who never played a PKMN game before,so they don’t want to risk “overwhelming” new players with items holding and abilities.

    I wasn’t gonna get this game anyway,from the start it looked like a Pokemon game not aim for me,I’m just waiting for the TRUE Pokemon game in November 2019

  5. Honestly, I doubt a Pokémon Go player would care if these exist or not. Nintendo is dividing Pokémon fans for no reason.
    I’m still salty about no Johto. It was a logical inclusion and I’m sure the simpleton Go players would appreciate more playability in the only Switch game they’re not scared of.

  6. Personally, I’ve actually wanted some things to be simplified to make multiplayer more accessible and building your team less of a grind, but items and abilities aren’t the issue. For me, multiplayer is where I spend most of my time in a game, but I usually just beat the story, grind a little and then put Pokémon down because I’m not having fun grinding. If I knew someone who would train my Pokémon for money so I can play multiplayer, I would.

    I don’t think there should be no effort involved in training, but I think EVs and IVs need to be simplified and levelling up made less boring. Multiplayer should be about strategy, not days of prep work.

    1. I feel for you mate.
      Why the heck doesn’t the game tell you when your breeding: “Here are the IV/EV states of there future baby”
      Couldn’t we just be given mini games that up the xp (like super training). They could even make it an online mini game (The wifi plaza was fun).

  7. As someone who plays a mix of competitive and casual i find this game an appetizer before the entree, sure it doesn’t have most of the main mechanics but I’m game and I’ve played gen 1 when it came out so having no held items and no abilities is not a big deal. Also im mad about the game going to be too easy and not the no items and abilities.

  8. This has basically no effect on my opinion on this game. This isn’t a main series Pokémon game. I’m not buying it for a serious Pokémon experience. If you actually thought that’s what you were getting then you clearly haven’t been paying attention. Go into this game looking for simple brainless fun and unless I’m much mistaken I think you’ll be satisfied. That’ll be my intention.

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