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SEGA Mega Drive Classics Collection Coming To Nintendo Switch This Winter

SEGA has confirmed today that the previously released SEGA Mega Drive Classics will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. You either opt to buy the collection digitally or purchase a physical copy. The collection of classic SEGA games will be made available this winter.

7 thoughts on “SEGA Mega Drive Classics Collection Coming To Nintendo Switch This Winter”

  1. I’m not trying to be “oh, just buy stuff on PC much better GRÆFEXZ” etc, but this is starting to get real old, been on Steam and other platforms for (Sega) ages. I’m not talking about the games themselves(because they are literary old), but Sega Mega Drive-collections in itself is starting to get old. And what do we have Sega Ages for then? This is confusing… I might start getting old…

    1. I get your comment. I do, I mean I never bought the collection on PS3 or 360 it’s most likely a cash grab at this point with Ages coming anyway. But will I still buy this physically? Heck yeah lol. Been wanting this for a while!

  2. A bit odd to now get these as when it was announced for other consoles earlier in the summer alongside SEGA AGES for the Switch it seemed like they were doing things separately.

  3. I have this on ps4, the thing is that the game still wrapped it cost me 10 using point from a certain store i want time to play this games idk if i should get it digital on switch omg what am i saying?!!!!!!one

  4. Physical version. Yes please.
    I forgot all about altered beast.
    Not sure if I’d want this digital.
    I bet Nintendo will eventually do a physical compilation of nes games, ( not inc the nes mini ) just to sell them just one more time.

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