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Here’s Super Mario Odyssey Hint Art #16

Nintendo is far from done with posting Hint Art for Super Mario Odyssey players. In fact, the company has just released another Hint Art. By now, you know the drill. The Hint Art points to a place in a kingdom where you can find buried treasure. Once you’ve found the spot, you need to perform a Ground Pound to dig it up. The Hint Art can be seen in the official tweet that Nintendo posted down below.

4 thoughts on “Here’s Super Mario Odyssey Hint Art #16”

  1. I think it’s too late for them to do DLC for this game, which is a shame, and still too early to do a sequel.

    BUT… I really do think they should follow it up with a sequel. There’s still plenty of ideas for them to go for, and the game was clearly a success. We’ll finally get that Luigi’s Mansion and Sunshine kingdom after all? Hopefully. And playable Luigi.

    1. wouldn’t get too excited for this. Sure, with Galaxy they did a Sequel but they often like to try out different concepts in a new game. Concepts that might be too different to work in an Odyssey-like setting. Like 3D World wasn’t compatible with Galaxy.

      I mean, I would personally love Mario’s Galactic Odyssey (Working Title ;) )

      1. Idk. The hat-throwing mechanic is just too good to abandon now. I mean, not just the new capture mechanics you could try out but just the extra freedom of movement it gives Mario is delightful to control.

        That said, I don’t see why they can’t have hat throwing in a galaxy game.

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