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IGN Reports Nintendo Switch Online Cloud Saves Will Be Saved For 6 Months After You Unsubscribe

IGN is reporting today that cloud saves, which are a part of your Nintendo Switch Online subscription, will be saved for up to six months. This means that if you do decide to unsubscribe from the service your saves will be saved for up to six months, which is apparently the same amount of time that Sony keeps your cloud saves for, which are a part of your PlayStation Plus subscription. This seems to be a change of heart from Nintendo, which is good news for Nintendo Switch owners.

“If a Nintendo Switch Online membership expires, users won’t be able to access their Save Data Cloud backups. However, Nintendo will allow users who resubscribe within 180 days to access their previous Save Data Cloud backups,”

– Nintendo spokesperson speaking to IGN



  1. How did they fail to mention this? It’s bonkers that this and game sharing seem to have just been brushed under the rug. It could’ve saved them from some of the heat.

    1. That’s bullshit! If anyone had actually taken the time to read the info on Nintento’s homepage they would have known since day one!
      “If your Nintendo Switch Online membership expires, you won’t be able to access your Save Data Cloud backups. However, Nintendo will allow users who resubscribe within 180 days to access their previous Save Data Cloud backups.”
      This was written on Nintendo’s homepage since day one! I know it because I took the time to actually read the info, unlike every fucking media outlet out there!!!

    1. For all you know, the “haters” getting angry wasn’t for nothing as this only became the case with cloud saves AFTER the backlash from the “haters” as Nintendo changed it to appease the people upset. And just because people are upset doesn’t make them haters. Only an idiotic company shill would think anyone criticizing a company is just being a whiny little hater.

    2. It’s very understandable for people to be upset about something Nintendo failed to mention or be clear on.

  2. I really don’t care about Cloud Saves.

    It’s nice to have, but it’s an insurance that feels more like a luxury.

      1. Ultimate.

        Not everyone likes typing out the entire title of the game. It’s sad that U can stand for either Wii U or Ultimate.

  3. Well this makes the service less divisive, but it’s still far from a must have.

    I have to pay a minimum of $3.99 just to play the next ARMS Party Crash.

      1. Well I wouldn’t be paying a month at a time (and yes, I have to turn off the auto-pay), because I don’t plan on playing online that much, especially since Nintendo now put a price tag on it.

  4. I can’t see or hear the phrase “change of heart” without thinking of Persona 5…

    Regardless, it’s good that they offer a grace period; I just wonder why we’re hearing about it from everyone BUT Nintendo.

  5. I refuse paying for subs for virtual stuff. If you would let them you need a sub for everything. Movies, youtube, Netflix, ps4, now Switch, photoshop … yeah, thanks, but no thanks. I’ll just back up on free 7 days and sub one month in 6 Months for the backup.

    Why would I pay all year, NES games are boring these days and Splatoon 2 is kinda played out. If you join regular match it’s full of people who are level above 100 and bore me to dead with spawn killing and dominating. I have a job, you don’t and you ruin my game because that’s all you do all day. So thanks, but no thanks I’ll move on because Nintendo can’t match me with people at my level. So I’ll just move on and only will use Switch for Offline Single players from now on. Hell maybe if this whole Metriod gonna be overblow hype again, maybe I even sell this piece of Fisher Price childish junk.

    Peace !

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