You Can Now Select Lite Data In Fire Emblem Heroes To Save Significant Storage Space On Your Device

A brand-new update is now available to download for Fire Emblem Heroes, bringing the mobile game to version 2.10.0 across iOS and Android platforms. The latest patch implements a useful option that allows you to select between High Quality and Lite Data, which saves a significant amount of storage on your device. An official explanation from the development team at Nintendo is as follows:

Good news for users who have concerns about storage space on their devices: You can now choose between High Quality and Lite Data versions of the game data. Lite Data reduces the amount of data that needs to be downloaded by lowering image and voice quality. This is particularly helpful for those on the go. (The high quality version can be downloaded at any time.) Grand Hero Battles have a new, harder difficulty mode as well.


    1. While it’s nice for those who needs to save space, I feel it’s kind of… don’t know… isn’t half the point of the game to collect and review the beautiful drawings of your retinue of heroes? To compromise the quality of the images is the same as soiling ones shiny armour and weapon, no?

      1. True, but storage space can be a big issue on lower end devices. It would’ve been better if they made the voice download optional.

  1. Everytime I see that particular image of Takumi, I think the following words:


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