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Dragalia Lost’s Director Says Game’s Story Was Co-Written With Nintendo

Dragalia Lost is currently available on mobile if you live in North America, unfortunately those of us in Europe will have to wait til a later date to play it. The director of Dragalia Lost was recently interviewed and he gave some background information about the game’s development including the fact that the story was co-written with Nintendo.

  • Originally there were orchestral tracks in the OST, but they were removed
  • There will be more characters coming from Granblue Fantasy and Rage of Bahamut
  • Skyfarers (Granblue Fantasy players/enthusiasts) at Nintendo provided a lot of feedback to the team (aka “Do this like Granblue” and “Dont do this like Granblue”).
  • For example, getting rid of the MVP red chest in multiplayer was one of their suggestions.
  • The story is co-written with Nintendo
  • Would love to get an anime adaptation with ufotable sometime soon
  • The execs at Cygames are giving pressure to the Dragalia Lost team as they want Dragalia Lost to be the new face of Cygames.


8 thoughts on “Dragalia Lost’s Director Says Game’s Story Was Co-Written With Nintendo”

  1. So… If this game is just trying to copy the success of Granblue by copying Granblue, why not just localize Granblue?
    I really don’t see anyone talking about this game ever, so maybe better to bring over the one that’s already successful?
    There’s definitely still a market in selling anime tiddies to dudes, just look at Fire Emblem Heroes.

  2. Ufotable making a Dragalia Lost anime? Whoa. I hope that happens. I would watch every episode religiously. I’m very much into this game’s plot, lore, and its world.

  3. Luis Fernando Oroxom

    Just give us those Sweet Nintendo characters colaborations and events and they will get too much money

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