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Nintendo Offers “Souped Up” Version Of Original NES Zelda For Nintendo Switch Online

A new game has joined the NES Nintendo Switch Online service which is free to access if you are a member of Nintendo’s Switch online offering. It is the original The Legend of Zelda but with a twist and is titled The Legend of Zelda – Living the life of luxury! From the description below it’s the perfect way for newcomers to experience the classic game.




      1. I’m not educated on this, but I’m curious to know, how did a 2d top-down demo showcase the physics engine for a 3d game? Thanks in advance for any explanation.


      2. Breath of the Wild is applauded for what they call the “alchemy system”. It relates to how all the things in the world interact with one another.
        Say a fire sword will keep Link warm in cold environments, while also being able to cook an apple if it’s put close to it on the ground, or maybe set fire to some grass – which in turn may set fire to more grass – which will cause a gust of hot air which you can use to fly using a paraglider.

        This is what you can simulate using an NES-like game. Things affecting other things.


  1. The idea of new versions is interesting, but that’s not what this is. This is a cheat code. You’re only cheating yourself if this is the way you play a masterpiece.


      1. Hm ya. The areas in the dungeon will be small spaces with various enemies that move quite randomly. They are very annoy to either hit or to not touch. Sometimes when I had low life id just cheese it and hang by the door where enemies like the bats were programmed to not go and pick them off from afar if I could. I just hate the enemies in the dungeons. They are only ever annoying in the first game. Imo


  2. Id rather these unique versions of classics get added to some physical compilation down the line rather then having them only available like this which will inevitably doom them to un-accessible obscurity, same goes for the 3D Classics on 3DS.


      1. +1 for the reference to BS Zelda. It’s actually a pretty good comparison too as that game is inaccessible almost 30 years later outside of piracy just like this version might be years down the road.

        A digitally exclusive Nintendo game (and future for that matter) is very scary considering how their digital storefronts barely last a decade.


  3. I guess that’s cool. I could see how it’d be disheartening to wander into Lynel and ghost territory, stumble onto the magic sword, and then wonder why you can’t pick it up.

    I mean… that kind of mystery and challenge is more rewarding imo but I get how some people might not want that kind of experience.


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