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Dragalia Lost “Grossed An Estimated $16,000,000 In Its First Two Weeks Of Availability”

Sensor Tower has released some new data on Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost. The game has “grossed an estimated $16 million in its first two weeks of availability”.  Sensor Tower says that “approximately $13.5 million of this player spending has come from Japan and the United States, where the game now ranks third in terms of revenue for Nintendo mobile titles, ahead of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s $9.8 million for the same period post-launch”.

Sensor Tower also had data on player spending, saying that “Japanese players have accounted for 69% of spending in the title, compared to just 16% of revenue originating from the U.S. The remaining 15% of spending during the game’s first two weeks has come from players in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. The game has also proven to be more popular among iOS users, with the App Store representing 60% of total spending”.

Lastly, Sensor Tower gave some chart data. They said that “Dragalia Lost is ranked No. 19 for downloads among all iOS apps in Japan and No. 512 in the U.S. For revenue, it is ranked No. 10 on Japan’s App Store and No. 62 on its U.S. equivalent. On Google Play, it is the No. 10 free app in Japan and ranks No. 184 on the same chart in the U.S. Its revenue through Google’s platform ranks it No. 5 by that measure in Japan and No. 32 in the U.S”. A chart of the gross revenue for the first two weeks in the United States and Japan can be seen down below.



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