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The Free DLC For LEGO Worlds Is Currently Locked Behind Nintendo Switch Online Membership

If you want to download the free downloadable content for LEGO Worlds on the Nintendo Switch and don’t have a Nintendo Switch Online membership then you are currently out of luck. The content in question is the Mega DLC Showcase Collection Pack which is completely free for owners of the game. TT Games and Warner Bros Games are aware of the issue and has raised it with Nintendo Support as it shouldn’t be locked behind a paid membership.


14 thoughts on “The Free DLC For LEGO Worlds Is Currently Locked Behind Nintendo Switch Online Membership”

  1. I’m glad it’s locked behind Nintendo Switch Online, it’s a service that everyone should have or accept being excluded from content, that’s life. You either pay up or miss out. Suck it up buttercup.

    1. I still get to play Fortnite for free because it’s very nature is that it’s supposed to be FREE, much like this DLC. I don’t really have a dog in this fight as I don’t own this game and I do not plan to but this is pretty shady. I really hope it doesn’t extend to other free DLC in other games.

    2. Actually, you don’t need to have a subscription to play Fortnite online. None F2P game requires it, and for a free DLC, it also shouldn’t be necessary. It’s probably a bug and they’re fixing it. No need to pay for something that is free.

    3. No; Nintendo Switch Online is not a service everyone should be forced to have. At best, their paid online is imperfect because Nintendo is testing the waters and don’t want to go all out with it just yet. At worst, Nintendo half assed their paid online simply so they could charge people for online play and not because they want to make their online better than what it has been. (Their online has been the worst since online started to become a thing for video game consoles back during the Dreamcast/PS2/GCN/Xbox gen. While the Switch seems to be more of the same, I hope them going with charging for online is a sign that their online is going to vastly improve over the next couple of years and is not just a scam to weasel more money out of their customers.)

      Anyway, while this is a mistake by Nintendo’s paid online (hopefully) and not intentional, I still have to question your comment as a whole. Are you saying you would support Nintendo locking access to Hulu, patches for games, the eShop, and buying DLC behind their paid online because these things need internet? If no, you don’t need to read any further. If yes, do you realize how greedy and downright asshole-ish that would make Nintendo? Or how much of a corporate ass-kisser that makes you sound like? You know what else is life? A company closing down because all of their potential customers were chased away by the company’s shitty, shady bullshit that screws over customers instead of supporting said customers.

  2. Hopefully this is just a glitch; it most likely is, though. Still this is bullshit if it was intentional. It’s one thing if this free content was being given away through Nintendo’s paid online but it’s not. It’s content given away for free to anyone that owns the game.


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