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SEGA Has Revealed It Has Sold 800 Million Sonic Games

It is safe to say that while Sonic has had a few low points in his career, the spiky blue hedgehog has remained extremely popular with gamers. SEGA has revealed today in its sales report that the company has shifted 800 million Sonic games since the start of his career on the SEGA Mega Drive, or the SEGA Genesis, if you live in the US. The latest Sonic title Sonic Mania was a return to form for Sonic and hopefully that trend will continue.



16 thoughts on “SEGA Has Revealed It Has Sold 800 Million Sonic Games”

      1. Yes, i was talking about most f the “modern” sonic games such as forces, 2006 and the boom games. Mania is amazing and it shows that Izuka should leave the series to a competent team because sonic team isn’t that anymore.

  1. Imagine how much more they would have sold if Shadow the Hedgehog,Sonic 06,Chronicles,Lost World,The Boom series,Secret rings,Sonic 4 and all the other bad/average games were actually good

  2. That number seems big. Unbelievably big. Literally unbelievable. Even Mario hasn’t moved that many units, let alone Sonic. My guess is that number includes free mobile downloads of games such as Sonic Dash.

    1. That is what I’m thinking too, because the Mario franchise is widely regarded as the best selling videogame franchise of all time (selling over 500 million units) and the Sonic franchise claims to have sold over 300 million more than Mario? The same Mario who plays tennis, golf, olympic sports, baseball, basketball, kart racing, and (an aggressive form of) soccer? The same Mario who has a paper-version of himself in a spinoff series of titles, Mario Party, AS WELL AS an RPG series and ALSO a long list of mainline games?

      There are even more that I didn’t even mention. Mario is in basically every genre of videogaming and almost all of his game sell well.

  3. Inflating it with free mobile games no doubt.

    100 million people downloading some crappy forever runner mobile app isn’t exactly a sale.

  4. I wonder where Sonic Forces ranks when it comes to sales. Like Shadow the Hedgehog, I quite enjoyed Sonic Forces so it doesn’t matter one way or the other, but I’m still curious.

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