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Video: Nintendo Minute Play Pokémon Let’s Go With Junichi Masuda

Another Friday, another new episode of Nintendo Minute. Kit and Krysta explained in the video description that “we were in New York last week and had the best time hanging out with some of you at Nintendo NY and getting a chance to play Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! with Mr. Masuda and Mr. Nabana. It was really the best week ever! We want to thank you so much if you came out to Nintendo NY to hang out with us. We hope to do it again soon”. Here’s the video:


5 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Minute Play Pokémon Let’s Go With Junichi Masuda”

  1. It would be nice if people and media organizations who interview game developers act a little more like news anchors on a television news broadcast, instead of just always praising the game. It seems like every time there’s a video posted on a particular game, whoever’s doing the interviewing and asking the questions never asks anything critical to the developers — they only talk about how great and fun the game happens to be. Interviewers should be doing their fair share of research into the pros and cons of a particular game, and the current feedback/opinions on it, and then when they do the actual interview, they shouldn’t be afraid to critique the game. Imagine if an interviewer actually asked questions to Masuda like, “Do you keep track of social media when it comes to what people think about these games?” “Are you aware that a lot of longtime fans are not happy with X?”

    Just asking questions like those would possibly get the word across better to the developer what the fans like and don’t like about a particular game. Only offering praise and talking about how great the game is, doesn’t bring up any valid concerns to the developer.

    1. I’m more easily turned away by empty PR rhetoric than someone pointing out flaws.
      When I see aimless praising then I feel like they don’t believe the product is good enough to clue me into an informed decision and wear fake smiles to distract me. Whereas someone going through the strengths and flaws of something helps me know what I’m in for.

  2. Some people seem only now to be realising what has been obvious for years, that Nintendo Minute, is pure garbage and is non critical advertising. I f***ing can’t stand it, never did or will. I’d be delighted to see it removed permanently. It’s insulting.

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