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Panic Button Says Some Nintendo Switch Ports Have Been “Really Challenging” But They “Like A Challenge”

Games industry recently caught up with Adam Creighton from renowned developer Panic Button who have created some wonderful Nintendo Switch ports for some of the biggest games on the system. Mr. Creighton opened up about some of the company’s more challenging ports and said that they love what they are doing and are glad of their role in providing the Nintendo Switch with some core third-party software.

“We like to make projects that are special for the target hardware, and Nintendo Switch is a cool device because you use it on the go, you use it docked, and you use it in both modes and move back and forth,” he said. “So we’ve done things with the control schemes and motion, but also bringing these AAA big titles in their true form to this hybrid hardware has been really challenging. We like a challenge; it’s part of why we go after these things. We wanted to both broaden those properties’ availability to a whole new group of people, but we also wanted to broaden the Nintendo Switch as a platform. We really feel like core games make so much sense on that hardware that we want to bring those over.”

“Ports are tough, because when someone’s designing a game for the first time for a platform, we can cut features or mold features or make changes that people don’t know about or see because we’re able to make those in advance of release. For a port, we have to bring the game faithfully with all its gameplay and features, or people feel like it’s a lesser port.”


10 thoughts on “Panic Button Says Some Nintendo Switch Ports Have Been “Really Challenging” But They “Like A Challenge””

    1. You’ve never been in a studio before. Sure things can be poorly managed or underfunded, but most of the team is plugging away with whatever resources they have available. Even bad games are the result of tons of work. Go into any studio at midnight and half the team is still there trying to finish up something.

      1. I don’t doubt it. I speaking more from a creative perspective or rather just… willingness to deviate from a set formula

        1. I’d argue that that roadblock comes from the publishers and their financial risk management. The cost of game development has gotten so outrageous that they literally can’t afford a failure, so it’s all sequels and tried and true. One of the reason Nintendo continues to be able to experiment is their focus on simple art textures, minimal voice acting, etc.

  1. Its the missing features that made Wii U ports so shoddy. Every major game I bought there was a catch. Batman, missing online. Mass Effect 3, Trilogy elsewhere. Deus Ex, more expensive. Rayman and Watchdogs, delayed to the point where I stopped caring when they did get here.

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