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Video: Shakedown: Hawaii Gameplay Overview Trailer

Update: The developer’s blog states that the game will arrive during the first quarter of 2019.

VBlankEntertainment has recently uploaded an overview video of the action-packed
Shakedown: Hawaii. The game is heading to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS, along with other platforms, and will hopefully live up to expectations. Have a watch of the newly released video down below.

“Build a “legitimate” corporation by completing open world missions, acquiring businesses, sabotaging competitors, and “rezoning” land. The entire island is up for grabs, or at least, could be… with the right business model.”

Thanks to Magitroopa and Nintendo First Order Officer オンドラ for the news tip!

5 thoughts on “Video: Shakedown: Hawaii Gameplay Overview Trailer”

  1. This looks gorgeous. It’s hard not to compare this to GTA 2 and think how much potential there was for pixel art when the industry completely switched to 3D.

    1. If CGI wasn’t a big thing in the early & mid 90s, I’m pretty sure 3D models wouldn’t have been the next big thing for gaming and 3D model games would have still been few and far between. But once it started to become a thing in movies, Nintendo & Sega started working on their 3D model systems with Sony getting into the action when their plans with Nintendo didn’t pan out. Who knows. The Sega Saturn and PlayStation could have ended up using pixel art for their games instead of 3D models. (And maybe, just maybe, Sega wouldn’t have taken a nose dive because of them trying to push the Saturn out so soon to get a headstart with 3D gaming before Nintendo got theirs out.

      1. The pushing of 3D in games has absolutely nothing to do with 3D effects in movies. 3D was introduced because it made new types of games possible, games that required different viewing angles.

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