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SEGA Is Closer To Bringing Dreamcast Games To Nintendo Switch

SEGA says it is now one step closer to bringing classic Dreamcast titles to the Nintendo Switch via SEGA Ages. The company told Famitsu that there’s two ways they can go about it and those two ways are either emulation or alternatively remakes. SEGA’s Naoki Horii says that out of the two options, emulation seems to be the chosen method, but for some titles they could be remade using the original source code.

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31 thoughts on “SEGA Is Closer To Bringing Dreamcast Games To Nintendo Switch”

    1. You have great taste! My brother and I have memories of all those. We also enjoyed Silver, Marvel vs. Capcom 1 & 2, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Sonic Shuffle, and probably others too. Blessings!

  1. i say that if they can emulate some game that are able then they should do it and for those then they should remake them, not a full remake as the point of AGES is basically Virtual Console as in keeping them as close to the original but with some improvements.

    1. Yeah, i would be pretty content on that since an Adventure3 seems like it won’t happen anytime soon. I think they should merge SA1 with 2.
      A revamped Chao Garden with online play will be so freakn cool. HD cut scenes with voices not interrupting each other and the music not being blasted over the voice cast will be cool also…
      Sadly, I’m sure I will miss the OG cast of voice actors (from SA2), I really hate the replacement voices in other Sonic games.

      1. You reminded me of a pet peeve I have with video games these days: that fucking Master Volume bullshit! It’s annoying when music is so loud that you can barely hear the characters talk but you can’t turn the music down because Master Volume won’t allow it as the actual music setting is only for non-cutscene music. :/

  2. Although it’s not a Dreamcast game. I beg for Sonic Adverture 2 or Sega to me is lame. Not….I just needed a word that rhymed with “Game”. I know know you read my comments and think..”what a shame.”

  3. I’d love a “remake” of Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1+2 with updated graphics & visual quality. The sequels to PSO Episodes 1+2 would be nice, too. If possible, I’d love a continuation of Elenor’s story! It was the highlight of PSO Episode 1 for me and I was disappointed when it ended so abruptly and was only a couple of quests long. I’d gladly pay 20-30 bucks for DLC that extends that side story!

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