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Civilization VI Coming To Nintendo Switch On 16th November And Features Touch Controls

Nintendo of America has released a trailer for the upcoming Civilization VI which is Nintendo Switch bound on the 16th of November. Fortunately those who were hoping for touch controls have had their prayers answered as the official Twitter account for the game has confirmed that touch controls are in. Have a watch of the Switch edition below.

7 thoughts on “Civilization VI Coming To Nintendo Switch On 16th November And Features Touch Controls”

  1. That’s great news with the touch controls, especially games like this should have them. And developers dont always put in the extra effort, see Cities Skylines and Wasteland 2, two input heavy games that do not support touch controls

    1. Nintendo always releases their 1st party games on Fridays. If a 3rd-party wants to do the same and compete with a 1st party Nintendo game, that’s their choice. Probably not the best idea, but then again, Let’s Go is a spinoff and it has not been getting the most praise as of late, so… I’d say it’s 50/50 at that point. Now, if they were launching Civ VI on the same day as the 2019 Pokémon title, that would definitely be asking for a train-wreck.

  2. Thankfully this looks to be the last game that interests me this year.
    Not enough time to play the games released so far.
    Though this is the kind of game I might randomly want to drop in and out, so might want it digitally. What would be the download size?

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