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The Super Mario Odyssey Art Book Contains Concept Art Of Mario & Peach At The Altar

Nintendo’s art book for Super Mario Odyssey contains an adorable surprise at the end. It seems that Nintendo, at one point, considered having Mario and Peach get married in the game’s ending. There is concept art in the book that shows Peach and a blushing Mario at the altar. The concept art was shared on Twitter, so you can see the tweet down below.

Thanks to Nintendo First Commander Reaver for the tip.

23 thoughts on “The Super Mario Odyssey Art Book Contains Concept Art Of Mario & Peach At The Altar”

  1. On one hand it’s sad to see they didn’t go that route, but at the same time I’m glad they decided to have Mario friend-zoned instead. Mainly because it helped make Peach a more third-dimensional character, she’s NOT some prize to be won and it makes Peach more than just “the damsel in distress”.
    If anything that’s Peach’s way of saying “She’s had enough”.

    As much as I love the Mario formula, I hope future games move on with this trope so Mario would do different kind of adventures.

    Like for example; I’d like to see his future games where he rescues a brand new character similar to how in Super Mario 3D World the formula was changed to rescue 7 fairies instead of rescuing Peach. And let’s not forget Mario slightly changed the formula in Super Mario Land where he rescues Daisy instead of Peach. Not to mention Mario’s very first girlfriend was Pauline from Donkey Kong.

    My point being, it’s about time Mario had more variety when it comes to rescuing people. I’d be perfectly okay if half of the people he rescues aren’t even love interests.
    Like how about in a future game the primary character you’re supposed to rescue is a little kid and Mario has to bring them back to their parents? Or maybe even a Queen or a karate expert, or a Queen who happens to be a karate expert? Maybe down the line the person he rescues actually turns out to be the surprise villain before fighting them as the Final Boss?

    They could do something interesting with the Mario lore if they tried something like that.

    1. I like the “kidnapped character being the true villain of the game” idea. A game where Mario has to rescue Luigi wouldn’t be such a bad idea, either. Even better, like with Super Mario RPG, have Bowser get removed as the villain with someone new. But unlike SMRPG, instead of Bowser joining you at some point in the game, you have to actually save Bowser from his imprisonment by the new villain.

    2. Actually now, she’s not a prize WORTH winning.

      The ending has now made Peach into a bitch. If they handled the ending with a better turn of events that result in the same status quo, I’d be a bit more forgiving, but Nintendo chose to show an ugly side of Peach and because of that, I now hate one of Nintendo’s over-promoted icons. Just makes Pauline’s inclusion seem far more justified and better by comparison. Maybe Mario can blow her off one day and see how she likes it.

      I’ll just leave this here:

      1. “The ending has now made Peach into a bitch. If they handled the ending with a better turn of events that result in the same status quo, I’d be a bit more forgiving, but Nintendo chose to show an ugly side of Peach and because of that, I now hate one of Nintendo’s over-promoted icons.”

        Are you sure that’s Nintendo’s ugly side, or YOUR ugly side?
        Seriously guy! Critics and Gamers/Fans actually LIKED the friend-zone scene. You’re the only one who seems to be belligerent here.

        1. 1. I don’t recall asking for an echo.
          2. There’s nothing ugly about feeling angered by Peach snapping at Mario. Not cool.
          3. I’m the ONLY one? What don’t you watch the video I posted or at least go read the comments section of that video.
          4. Fuck off.

      2. From what I’m hearing, she blew Mario off because he wasn’t exactly being the better choice from Bowser. If Mario was being as much of an asshole as Bowser was, I applaud Peach for telling them both to fuck off. Good on her for not letting herself become some prize to win between two arguing men. Just because Mario has saved her tons of times doesn’t mean she should just fall to her knees and blow him when he asks her to marry him when he’s being as much of a dick as the other guy. Honestly, you don’t owe your hero a damn thing for saving you even if it was dozens of times. And if the hero does expect something in return, well he isn’t much of a hero to begin with.

        1. Mario doesn’t HAVE to continue rescuing her. Hell, Peach can rescue herself.

          I am so sick of people thinking that people hate that scene because we think Peach was supposed to automatically say yes to him and marry him then and there.

          Now listen up right this second! Peach was a bitch, because after all the effort Mario/the player put into saving her, Peach just snaps at him, making him feel like pathetic crap.

          It was the WAY she said no. The WAY she said no. And again, the WAY she said no.

          Not a single thank you, not a single apology, just her acting cute in the next scene, follow by her wanting to travel the world on her own.

          Well Mario can do that too. Hell, there are so many more worlds and Power Moons out there, that he does even need Peach as a plot device for an adventure.


          Also, just watch the freakin’ video (“What the heck, Peach – Goomba Gripes”), and save me the stress of having to regurgitate all of this!

        1. Welcome to the internet. Other assholes (especially on this site) get away with it 24/7.

          In fact, I had to deal with internet BS since 2006.

      3. Well, I definitely agree with you, amanfromdeclan. The bastard was Peach here, not Mario. Mario was just jealous, that’s pretty much his only sin there. I’m so sick of people saying Mario wanted her as a trophy and nothing else, if that was the case, why did Mario freely continue his adventures in the post-game if the only thing he ever wants is Peach as a reward? Why did Mario enjoy himself in Super Mario Bros 2 or Super Mario 3D World, where he was pursuing no woman as reward in those games due to a playable Peach? Didn’t these people consider that Nintendo wouldn’t want to turn their most important and iconic character (Mario, of course) into a male-chauvinist, greedy asshole? But if that’s what they think of Mario now, then they shouldn’t keep playing or buying his games. They’re like “He’s a woman abuser” but I never spotted anyone saying “we’re no longer buying games starring this bastard” as commonly as I saw people saying “We don’t want Peach in the next games”, if at all.
        I’m also sick of people claiming Peach became three-dimensional by dumping Mario and attempting to get rid of him. If she’s sick of being used as a plot device, why does she get kidnapped anyway? Is it necessary for a “damsel in distress” to mistreat her rescuer and act like an unlikable diva to achieve some character development? Couldn’t these people think that there are better and less controversial ways to give Peach more depth? Not to mention that during her journey around the world, Peach was, once again, as flat as an ironing board. She’s just standing still in a random location of each kingdom, wearing cheesy outfits and saying stupid (sometimes too obvious) thing about the place she’s visiting. The worst thing of all is that those rotten SJWs are sickeningly gushing at Odyssey’s version of Peach, which makes me suspect that they pressured to make Peach that way.
        The ending of Super Mario Odyssey made me feel sorry for Mario AND Bowser (because I only saw them misbehaving due to jealousy, not greed or male-chauvinism, and they eventually are shown to be heartbroken and perhaps regretful as well, something that most people don’t seem to have considered at any point) and disappointed by Peach (she doesn’t apologise, she acts as if nothing has happened, but “she became three-dimensional”, yeah, whatever), made me hate SJW passionately (before that I just considered them annoying if anything) and made me sick of this modern society (that celebrates a woman being cocky and rude, for whatever reason, – even brushing it off as “friendzoning someone” – but mistake jealousy for greed/objectification/sexual harassment and condemn it as such). It also drove me away from that game, almost anything related to this game reminds me of that ending, Peach’s ugly grimace when she said “Enough”, ther overrated journey, and her derail into something only fools and SJWs would sympathise with.
        I honestly didn’t care if Mario and Peach didn’t get married, but now that all of this happened, I can see YOU have a point.

        1. I honestly couldn’t agree anymore. That “Enough!” part WAS the thing to set me off, and SJWs HAVE been getting their way. Look what they did to Smash Ultimate of all games.

          Read this just feels so good. But there’s one silver-lining that erupted from all of this. Actually, a few:

          -Mario can now better focus on exploring new horizons, meeting new friends and enemies, and has a sentient cap and ship to do it. Luigi and Yoshi can even come along.
          -It just makes Pauline seem like a much better character in comparison. Compared to Peach, Pauline is basically the Santa Claus of Mario’s life.
          -Peach can start rescuing HERSELF, instead of literally crying Mario’s name all the time. If not, she has SEVERAL Toads that are capable enough to do what Mario does and rescue her. Hell, maybe Prince Haru (a.k.a. Prince Charming, Prince Eric, Prince Phillip, The Prince of Snow White) can finally become canon and make himself useful.

          Good thing Luigi x Daisy is still valid.

    3. I hated the ending and Peach being like that! Mario didn’t deserve that. After all he’s gone through for her for over 30 years that’s what he gets! I’m still mad about that and wish this was the real ending! There are other ways to make Peach third dimensional! But, if you like Peach better this way… good for you.

      1. Just because he saved her time and time again doesn’t guarantee that she’ll just fall head over heels for her rescuer.
        Besides you can tell how Mario reacted to Bowser shoving in. I mean think about it, if Mario wasn’t being so argumentative then Peach probably WOULD’VE gone out with him… but what Mario did gave her the implication that she was just a girl he was trying to win over.

        I’m not saying that was Mario’s fault per se, but he wasn’t being the “better man” in the love triangle.

  2. Since they keep recycling the endings for peach being rescued.. I agree that it’s time for Mario to rescue someone or something else!
    How about Mario Rescue Donkey Kong, because he’s under an evil spell because of Bowser!

  3. Personally, i don’t mind the formula. it’s been a success for years over for Nintendo.

    However I feel there’s been ample time for something along the lines of a Wario & Waluigi take on the series. Maybe infiltrating the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond only to ultimately battle who else? Mario and Luigi or maybe even Wart just for variety.

    it’s not like there isn’t enough lore and characters to work with.

    Hell even Daisy could get tossed into the mix, i always felt daisy would be luigi’s peach, but it never came to be.

  4. I bet Nintendo is saving all of those unused concepts for the next Super Mario game; Odyssey is just a taste of what’s to come. (Plus, there were unused concepts in Super Mario Galaxy that came to fruitition in Mario Galaxy 2)

  5. Good because I ship BowserXPeach, she is the mother of bowser Jr, she should start taking responsibility. Why else do you think bowser needs to “kidnapp” her all the time?

  6. Well, now I think Mario would be better off with (of all people) Rosalina. She’s a self-made, genuinely independent woman who never got kidnapped (and hopefully never will), she’s more mature, more elegant, more motherly, wiser and well behaved, she has no other suitors around (meaning that Mario will not get jealous and mess it up again) and she’s not as hotheaded as Peach was in Super Mario Odyssey, while also taking some time for herself to have fun, though always in a wise and selfless fashion. Heck, she can even teach Mario how to love (if he somehow doesn’t properly know, that is), so that the relationship would prosper. Rosalina’s the kind of woman I could shamelessly introduce to my parents. If I had a girlfriend, I hope it’s someone like Rosalina, and not someone like Peach, who teases you but then deceives you as soon as you make a little slip.

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