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Video: 50 Minute Super Smash Bros Ultimate World Of Light Analysis

The team at GameXplain have produced a special Super Smash Bros Ultimate World of Light analysis video taking a look at what has been revealed so far about the game’s Adventure Mode. The analysis itself is compacted into a whopping 50 minute video, so that should keep you entertained for a bit. Have a watch of the analysis below.

“While a ton of new information was revealed about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including its final roster, there was one mode that was more intriguing than anything else, the World of Light! We take a closer look at the new Adventure Mode to discover its secrets including the new villain Galeem, the massive map, how the mode will work, all of the many references, and the all of the Spirit Battles. All of this and more in our latest Smash Bros. analysis!”

1 thought on “Video: 50 Minute Super Smash Bros Ultimate World Of Light Analysis”

  1. ‘m sure there is a connection between Brawl’s story and the World Of Light. It seems they take place in the same universe, so I am really sure there is a connection… perhaps Tabbu or someone wants revenge and attacks pretty much straight after this story… maybe literally after this part in Brawl…
    The resemblance here seems a bit too uncanny. The new villain’s (SSBU) attack literally shows a shadow ball resembling the ones in Brawl before exploding into a light beam… even more eerie is the glimmer of light shinning after things seem to be okay (in Brawl)… Unbenounced to the Smash Crew… their battle is only beginning…

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