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Nippon Ichi: “Grateful To Nintendo” And Says ‘Switch Is The Ideal Hardware’

Nippon Ichi president Sohei Niikawa has spoken to EDGE about Nintendo and their immensely popular Nintendo Switch system. Mr. Niikawa revealed that Nintendo approached their office in the early days of the Switch to teach them all about the platform and how best to develop for it and he said that he and the team are eternally grateful for the support.

“It’s true: Disgaea 5 was practically a launch title for the Switch. That had a huge positive effect for us. Releasing the company’s flagship title, even if it was a port, for Nintendo’s flagship hardware close to launch was a boon for us; it sold incredibly well both in Japan and abroad. It’s important to note that Nintendo was extremely supportive. They came to Gifu several times to teach us in person about the hardware and its ins and outs. I am incredibly grateful to Nintendo, this giant of the industry, for coming out to the middle of nowhere to support us. The final point to make is that, for Nippon Ichi, at least, the Switch is the ideal piece of hardware. Right now, in Western territories, non-handheld software is what sells. On the other hand, in Japan portable software is highly popular. This has created an issue in the past for developers, a gap between Japanese playing habits and those found in the rest of the world. The Switch closes this gap, by meeting the needs of both audiences. So we worked hard to be there right at the beginning. And it’s working out for us.”


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