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Japan: NIS Announces New RPG Destiny Connect For Nintendo Switch

NIS has revealed a brand new title which is in the works for both the Nintendo Switch and Sony’s PlayStation 4. The game is titled Destiny Connect and it is due for release in Japan on the 28th of February 2019. The director behind Destiny Connect is Yoshihiko Toda and the script is written by Syupro-DX’s Jun Yokota. Destiny Connect is set in a town called Clocknee and hopefully more details will be revealed soon.

“In the story, some sort of disaster has occurred in the warm and nostalgic town of “Clocknee.” In order to resolve this incident, an adventure that revolves around time will unfold between characters including a girl named Sherry, a boy named Pegreo, and a robot named Isaac.”


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  1. A boy, girl and robot must resolve an incident. I’ve never heard of that plot before.
    I’m definitely interested in hearing more details.

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