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New Paladins Update Brings Gyro Controls To Nintendo Switch

The latest update for Paladins has been detailed on the game’s official website and Version 1.8 comes with Gyro Controls for those of you with a Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4. You can also adjust the Gyro Controls to your liking. Here’s what was said in the Version 1.8 patch notes:

Gyro Controls

Switch and PS4 Players may now activate Gyro Control functionality in the Controls section of the Options Menu! Gyro is the next level of player-to-game interface and has strong advantages over the traditional console control scheme. The range of motion and responsiveness of a players wrists outclasses that of a players thumbs, a fact that Gyro controls makes apparent once a player is accustomed to the mechanics. Paladins is the first multiplayer game to support Gyro Controls on PlayStation 4!

  • Gyro Control Functionality
    • Allows the player to move their camera by physically moving the game controller
    • The sensitivity of Gyro Controls allows players to easily fine-tune their aim
    • Players trying Gyro Controls for the first time should be patient and play many matches to develop their reflexes and aiming capability
    • Experienced users may adjust their X and Y axis Gyro sensitivity



  1. I’m surprised more PS4 games don’t have gyro. I guess it took bad precision of the Switch Joycons for people to realize they want it. Don’t get me wrong, the Joycons are awesome, but those sticks are not made for shooters. Pro Controller on the other hand is incredible.

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