Reggie Says There Isn’t A Nintendo 64 Classic In Their “Planning Horizon”

We had rumours pop up all over the place over the past year that Nintendo is preparing to unleash a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition. However, Nintendo of America president has dashed peoples hope today as he says that a classic Nintendo 64 edition isn’t on the company’s planning horizon. So, there it is.

Would you rule out an N64 Classic coming?” I asked.

“I would not ever rule something out,” he [Reggie] said, “but what I can tell you is certainly that’s not in our planning horizon.”



    1. Or it’s possible they are moving the “classic edition” line into the handheld era.
      A slimmed down GameBoy with an HD-Lit screen would be pretty cool. The little “Contrast” wheel on the side of the original can be changed to “Brightness” for the new one. There actually was a backlit GameBoy but it was only released in JP, lol.

      If they do make Classic Editions of the HandHelds, they may have to drop the “mini” aspect for it because there are so many variations within one generation attempting to slim down the console (GameBoy Pocket/ GBAMicro/SP /DS Lite/ etc).

  1. The Everdrive 64 is looking pretty good right now (despite not being compatible with half of Kaze Emanuar’s hacks).

    They just don’t want people to hack the system and play Banjo-Kazooie (as well as other games not on their first-party list)!

    1. “They just don’t want people to hack the system and play Banjo-Kazooie (as well as other games not on their first-party list)!”

      What? This makes no sense. People hacked the NES classic and it didn’t stop them from releasing the SNES classic. Overwhelmingly the most likely reason is a ton of the N64’s best games have split licensing issues, making it much less cost effective to produce, nevermind that the N64 didn’t sell as well comparatively, so it likely has a smaller target audience.

  2. Common sense says they’re focused on games for Switch for the holiday season, blind hope says he’s using a play on words and that it’s not in the planning horizon because they already finished making it

  3. I know soooo many people who bought NES or SNES mini and played it for 1 hour and got bored. Nintendo only gave us those two console because people like that – playing purely on nostalgia. N64 is for the hardcore fans, which they obviously find a lot less attractive compared to the broad mass audience of NES/SNES. Too bad really.

      1. I’m not saying NES is casual at all, but it’s way more mainstream compared to N64. Now today N64 is a way more Nintendo fan material compared to NES’ mass appeal. Just look at the sales numbers. There’s a lot more remembering NES from back in the days rather than N64. I’m talking about he mass audience, I’m not talking about the quality of the consoles. If you really really want a N64 Mini today, you’re probably a bit more of a hardcore fan compared to a person that want a NES mini.

  4. This better be a lie, or in the famous words of Fred Sanford, “I’m gonna give him one across the lips”. And I’m not talking about a kiss. I was hoping SO much that the N64 Classic would release before Christmas. Especially since I cancelled my preorder on the mediocre PlayStation Classic.

  5. Well we have the GameCube title Luigi’s Mansion for the 3DS now, so could they remake the original Paper Mario on the 3DS, ah, the possibilities.

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