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Reggie On Streaming Switch Games: Technical Infrastructure Currently Doesn’t Exist In US

Some developers have tried to get around the technical limitations of the popular Nintendo Switch system by cloud streaming more visually intensive titles such as Resident Evil 7 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. These titles are available for streaming now on the Nintendo Switch in Japan and many have wondered whether we will get the same treatment here in the west. Speaking to Kotaku, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says that the technical infrastructure isn’t available yet in the United States.

Fils-Aime described those efforts in Japan as “very exciting,” adding that “essentially a cloud-based gaming experience on the Switch is something that everyone is very excited to see.” But, he noted, “it’s specific to Japan because of the internet infrastructure that exists in that country. Very high-speed wireless capability. The ability to have a great experience in Japan is profound. The technical infrastructure doesn’t exist for that to happen currently here in the United States.”

I noted that there are game streaming services that serve American games, but he clarified that the connections weren’t to Nintendo’s satisfaction. “And so from that standpoint we’re looking at that activity as a very interesting test case and certainly is going to drive our thinking and our potential investments here in the Americas.”


11 thoughts on “Reggie On Streaming Switch Games: Technical Infrastructure Currently Doesn’t Exist In US”

  1. Just PR Reggie being a PR.

    No excuse to not bring the service over here, specially when the customers that are actually interested to pay for streaming games already has a decently capable to high internet speeds.

    Stop it Reggie.

    1. No actually for the first time reggie isn’t saying some shit out of his ass for once due to nintendo blunders. America’s internet infrastructure is really shit compared to japan. The stream service in america would probably only benefit a small fraction of people; so i can understand why it wouldn’t be beneficial to them on a more profitable point.

  2. }{ American internet infastructure is pitiful due to unfair laws making competition among isps next to impossible, so there is no incentive for people like comcast to work tp provide faster service… In places like South Korea which doesn’t have this problem, their wifi speeds are approximately 8 times faster than what the US has… }{

  3. He’s actually right. The internet in the US is shit compared to other countries and PS now runs like ass thanks to said internet.

  4. This is the future of gaming consoles been saying it since last gen , games will get better looking by the year no restrictions at home. Even spoke to people that Nintendo could partner up with Apple to get this started since Nintendo doesnt have the same online structure and server parks as other company’s

  5. Fuck streaming games from servers, I want to own my games If you all let gaming go this way mark my words, we all are going to get fucked,

  6. For once, Reggie’s right. America’s internet infrastructure sucks. It’s why the Switch’s portable nature is better in Japan than America because, unlike America, Japan has internet nearly everywhere so you actually can play every single game on the Switch anywhere at anytime. Want to play a online multiplayer game wherever & whenever you want? Japan is the place to be.

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