First Winter Log-in Bonus Event Now Underway In Dragalia Lost

The first winter log-in bonus event for Dragalia Lost has begun, allowing players of the mobile game to receive up to 1,200 wyrmite by logging in seven days during the active period. These special bonuses will be available until December 5 at 22:59 PT, so be sure to take advantage of them before it’s too late. Read on below for more details and specifics:

■Gift details:

Day 1: 300 wyrmite

Day 2: 150 wyrmite

Day 3: 150 wyrmite

Day 4: 150 wyrmite

Day 5: 150 wyrmite

Day 6: 150 wyrmite

Day 7: 150 wyrmite

■Event duration:

Nov 16 23:00, 2018(PT) to Dec 05 22:59, 2018(PT)


1. The log-in bonus will be sent to you every day after 23:00 when you log in.

2. Gifts sent as log-in bonuses can only be accepted for a limited time.

3. The winter log-in bonus schedule and content may change without warning.



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