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Rumour: Aonuma Apparently Teased Zelda Skyward Sword For Nintendo Switch

Information has been spreading on Twitter that The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has teased that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword could be coming to the Nintendo Switch platform. The information was apparently divulged by Mr. Aonuma during the The Legend of Zelda concert which took place in Osaka today. As always, we shall have to wait and see!ย 

43 thoughts on “Rumour: Aonuma Apparently Teased Zelda Skyward Sword For Nintendo Switch”

    1. It’s great. My least favorite 3D Zelda, but still excellent. Very linear and the story is bad or good depending on if you like long, frequent cutscenes or not, but some really good stuff throughout. I just want them to muzzle Fi if this happens…

  1. I’d love to play it with normal controls. I liked the motion controls but I don’t think the joy con will be able to replicate them as well and obviously in handheld it won’t be able to use them.

    1. True about handheld, but the joy-con can absolutely replicate the motion controls. That’s because Skyward Sword only used gyro motion controls, no infra-red pointer controls. The joy-con have much better gyro than the wiimote+. It’s only infra-red pointing that they struggle with.

  2. ohhhh yes… im sure… im one of the less people who loved that game.
    of course the flying especial the tutorial was bad and the grafics from close up… was like n64 but the grafik from fare away… awesome.
    a lot of the gamers hate the backtracking you must du in each level… but honestly if you not hade do it, you will do did because in every zelda game you go back in old levels to find new ways for hearts and goodies.

  3. Itโ€™s a good enough game and if they ramp up the graphics a bit and maybe add a couple extras itโ€™ll be a worthy purchase.

  4. I’m betting they’ll improve quite a bit on the motion controls, making the remaster the true way to experience Skyward Sword. Hopefully, they’ll also make some changes according to fan critique, such as the excessive handholding, making it a fully optional thing. It was already optional for the most part, but being able to ignore Fi’s calls, or turning it from an ongoing noise to a single sound would be a great improvement.

    I think the original holds up really well, especially in terms of looks, and I can always just bust out my Wii U to replay Skyward Sword, so this entry is not really for me. I hope it’ll catch the attention of those who haven’t played it, though, and are willing to give it a chance despite the mixed reviews from fans.

  5. Yeah, I think that that’s extremely likely. Joy-Cons could use the motion controls but MUCH better. Just gotta wait and see though!

  6. Skyward sword HD, ….seems about right. 40$$ i hope. Also hope they bring twilight princess HD (it is already a product)

    Hope that also gives way for HD versions of oot and mm…… Cus i need to buy then all again

  7. There’s an amazing game within Skyward Sword that’s buried under mounds and mounds of bullshit. If they just upscale the textures and remap the controls for Switch, it won’t be worth $60 to me, but if they really get in there and cut out lots of padding and hand holding they could transform it into something great; I’d pay for that in a second. Imagine getting to enjoy the graphics, the dungeon design, the boss fights, the music, etc. without all the dowsing, the “hints” from Fi, going back to the menu every time you find a treasure, having to leave and area and then return to it just to perform a fast travel, and so forth.

    I think they should just lock Aonuma in a room with the game and make him play it through three times in a row. Every time he finds something tedious, or pace-killing, or just obnoxious, they should cut it out. (I’m half kidding, I realize it shouldn’t be Aonuma in that room, but I think they should focus on reducing tedium during their play tests and not just on performance and glitches).

    What I’m asking for is almost in remake territory, rather than just a remaster, but I really think it’s worth it. And if they ask for full price or near full price, why shouldn’t we ask for a real overhaul? It’s still easier than designing a new game from scratch.

    1. in all honesty they could use the breath of the wild engine to remake all 4 key games in the series (not counting link to the past) but let’s be honest here. we ALL want to see unreal engine remakes of OOT, SS, MM, and TP. and while they did have a “HD” addition of TPโ€ฆ one was really asking for a technical HD version, we wanted ground up remake. โ€ฆ…I imagine this to be the same treatment that TP HD got โ€ฆโ€ฆ.ughhh

      1. i feel like iโ€™ve played Twilight Princess to death, i absolutely love the game and its probably my third favorite m, but something about the length of time Link spends as a Wolf just kinda bored me. It had great mechanics, but felt out of place for me. Still, the Bug collecting for Agitha is my favorite Zelda side quest.

  8. All I hope is they limit the gyros if SS really is a thing. Itโ€™s the only thing that messed up the experience for me.. it became a chore of if I could make the gyros work correctly to the point that I remember that more than the gameplay. Havenโ€™t beat SS yet because of that so if this is real Iโ€™ll be getting it for sure. I did enjoy the story and gameplay when it worked. ๐Ÿ˜…

  9. I hope they create a new Zelda game that reuses assets from this title (kind of like Majora’s Mask).

    Just leave out the linearity and “*shudders* bum-bum-bum…… motion controls”, so people won’t hate this game and accuse it of holding people’s hands. Also, leave out the BotW enemies and breakable weapons.

  10. I almost hope they work on a prequal game to breath of the wild using already made content. they could use the current map even, just adjust some things so they don’t look like ruins. I think breath of the wild is sort of a reboot with all the timelines just sort of merging into one. so EVERYTHING is cannon but no longer needs to worry about why everything is cannon. personally I’d love to see a sort of link to the past style game in which you can flip between two versions of reality. (I guess that’s what TP basically did) โ€ฆโ€ฆ.so many ideas

  11. Well we shouldn’t be surprised because if a Nvidia Shield can let people play Wii games why not the Switch?

    Wii games I want on the Switch:
    1) Metroid Prime Trilogy
    2) Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2
    3) Kirby Return to Dream Land
    4) Mario Sports Mix. This game is fun I played it so many times back in 2012.
    5) TLoZ Skyward Sword
    6) Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
    7) Wario Land Shake It (Come on at least bring this Wario Land, if we can’t have a new one let’s bring one from the old consoles)
    8) Donkey Kong Country Returns (We have Tropical Freeze but I also want the prequel)
    9) Punch-Out
    10) Sonic Colours (It’s good trust me).
    11) Sonic & Black Knight (it’s also good this).
    12) Rayman Origins (Prequels are always fun).
    13) New Super Mario Bros Wii

    1. dont forget…
      – a boy and his blob… so cued with perfect graphics
      – zack & wicki… jesus is that game hard
      – mad world… yeah its special
      – sin & punishment… crazy rail shooter
      – and… nintendo how about sadness ;-)

  12. Skyward Sword needs the Wind Waker HD treatment: a remaster/remake where they improve the quality of the artstyle and graphics but change the tedious stuff that held the game back from greatness. For Wind Waker, the sailing (I personally didn’t have an issue but I know others did) and the Triforce of Courage quest held it back. For Skyward Sword, it was Fi being overbearing (and some people bitched about Navi being overbearing, hah! Least she only said “Hey!” or “Listen!” etc once then went silent where as Fi had that annoying continuous beeping) and well everyone here already mentioned some of the game’s other failings.

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  14. Carlos Rafael Mejia Paredes

    I wish they would release a Tri-pack with Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD and if it happens, Skyward Sword HD

  15. wind waker… oh I hate that game… for the graphics… for less dungeon… and to slow and not enough riddles on the sea… so much water and nothing in it… like the real world.
    But im happy for everybody when it come 4 the people who love that game

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