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Digital Foundry Tackle Warframe On Nintendo Switch

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners have had access to the graphical impressive free to play title Warframe for quite some time and now it is Nintendo Switch owners time to play the action title. Digital Foundry have meticulously given the Switch version of Warframe a thorough going over and have come away impressed by yet another solid Panic Button port. Here’s a roundup from Reset Era member Chandoog:

You demanded it – and we delivered it. John Linneman has spent the last few days playing Warframe on Switch. Is this another tech showpiece from Panic Button? It certainly looks like it… And while we’re here, we also show some of the improvements Panic Button made to its Wolfenstein 2 conversion in the latest patch…

  • Resolution: Dynamic resolution in play
  • Docked: Lowest 540p, Highest 720p. But it hangs in the middle most of the way.
  • Portable: Lowest 432p and Dynamic so can go to 720p in no-activity areas.
  • Game settings include suite of select-able settings like Motion Blur, SSAO, GPU particle density.
  • Running in stress areas (like Hub) with all settings on/off doesn’t yield performance benefits, but with things off the dynamic res stays closer to higher bounds more often.
  • Settings on/off impacts the dynamic resolution scaler, not the performance.
  • In Portable mode, all SSR is gone entirely.
  • Performance: Performance slightly faster in portable in stress areas (Hub).
  • Hub area only notable place where performance drops, outside of it, mostly a stable 30 FPS.


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  1. I love seeing the variety of titles we’re getting with the Switch vs. the previous two Nintendo gens. Hope that Nintendo brings some more mature content themselves beyond Bayonetta 3. I miss the days when they were focused on expanding their market to older audiences:

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