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Frosty Fest Splatfest Happening Worldwide And Starts 4th January

Splatoon 2 fans will be overjoyed that a festive Splatfest is happening this winter worldwide. The Splatfest is titled Frosty Fest and will kick off on the 4th of January 2019. Nintendo has provided some seasonal screenshots to show off this special Splatfest for 2019. The theme is “Who will you spend the holidays with: Family or Friends?” and there is special gear to be obtained.

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15 thoughts on “Frosty Fest Splatfest Happening Worldwide And Starts 4th January”

  1. I notice snow in these pics. I thought climate change melted the polar caps and raised the sea levels, hence the extinction of humans and the ancient Turf Wars between the Inklings and the Octolings over the remaining land- I doubt parts of the world could revert back to a temperate climate so soon after such an extinction-level event.

    That probably isn’t even real snow! It’s probably fake!

    Inkling: “Hey! It’s snowing!! *picks up handful of “snow” and sniffs* …Why does it smell like cheese?”

    …Oh, Team Friends by the way.

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