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Strategy Analytics “Nintendo Will Take Number One Spot From Sony In 2019”

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Strategy Analytics believes that Nintendo is ready to take Sony’s crown in the video game market in 2019. While the PlayStation 4 remains the dominant platform, the company says that Nintendo is poised to take the top spot next year . The company said that “Nintendo will sell 17.3 million Switch consoles worldwide in 2019, while Sony will sell 17.1 million PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles. Microsoft will remain in third place, selling 10.0 million Xbox One and Xbox One X devices.”


19 thoughts on “Strategy Analytics “Nintendo Will Take Number One Spot From Sony In 2019””

  1. BOO, BOO! Why are they always selling Nintendo short!
    In 2019, Nintendo will sell at least 20 million units. Part of the reason will have to do with a possible new model (nothing crazy), and more switch designs. Possibly a reduced price as well.
    (They lost money on the Wii U, so they could not reduce it’s price, but the Switch is a different story)

  2. Outselling the PS4 that’s been out for years now isn’t exactly taking the crown from Sony. Aside from the Wii which was just a fluke thanks to all the casuals it attracted (Yeah! I fucking said it!), Sony Interactive has had the most dominant console since the N64. Switch needs to make sure it stays the most sold system once the next PlayStation and Xbox releases to take that crown from Sony Interactive. (Oh and unlike the Wii, it needs to keep the attention of most of the people that bought a Switch that still buy games for it; Wii lost most of it’s support from customers half way through it’s life span.) Oh & the games for the Switch have to continue coming, too.

    That said, the Switch has been doing great in sales so far. Let’s hope it continues to do so.

  3. I highly doubt this. It’s gonna take a massive amount of effort to dethrone the mighty Playstation brand. And that’s coming from someone who will always hold a special place in their heart for Nintendo. Major triple A third-party games are still skipping the Switch (Red Dead Redemption 2 etc.). And even the bigger games that ARE appearing on Switch (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey) is only through digital cloud gaming (whatever it’s called). Something that physical copy gamers care nothing about.

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