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Japan: Fire Emblem Website Has Been Relaunched

You may have already spotted this, but Nintendo’s official Fire Emblem website has been revamped with a fresh lick of paint. The website gives fans a better look at the world of Fire Emblem with detailed bios, history, and an overview of the many characters.

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4 thoughts on “Japan: Fire Emblem Website Has Been Relaunched”

  1. I REALLY hope nintendo releases Ike’s games (FE Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn) eventually. But in the meantime, it’s looking like prime trilogy will tide me over!!

    1. That would be awesome! A Path of Radiance + Radiant Dawn combo pack!

      I also low-key hope they combine Binding Blade and Blazing Sword into one game as well, since that would work naturally with their child mechanics, plus Roy could officially come to the west (save for Heroes).

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