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Nintendo Says To Tune Into The Game Awards 2018 Tomorrow

Nintendo of America clearly have something up their sleeves to tomorrow evening’s The Game Awards 2018 event. The company has told fans to tune into the event at 5.30pm PT. It’s thought that Metroid Prime Trilogy and Metroid Prime 4 will be teased at the event hosted by Geoff Keighley.

36 thoughts on “Nintendo Says To Tune Into The Game Awards 2018 Tomorrow”

  1. Didn’t they say that there’d be “surprise announcments” at this thing? Curious to see if there’s any Nintendo goodies coming soon!

    1. Just get your self some zeds earlier in the eve and set your alarm.
      I think itโ€™s about 1:00am here in uk. 3:00am is pretty savage.
      Although I did get up at 4:00am last wknd for the boxing, but then I had a lazy Sunday.

    2. Thatโ€™s not too late unless you have work or school early the next morning. Iโ€™d actually be pretty hype to watch Nintendo stuff especially smash related at 3am to be honest lol, I am usually up till that late anyway.

  2. Well, I’m gonna see it after i get off work tomorrow at 6pm. So, i hope stuff like Metroid Prime 4 be revealed on this award and the actual title for it. There better be some gameplay footage we are hoping.

  3. As much as I want Prime Trilogy and 4 shown… I bet you it’ll be like super Mario world port :( super upset if that crap happens

      1. Yeah it’s a great game! But not another WiiU port! … Games on the Wii are more deserving of HD remaster and all than WiiU games

      2. +SR388
        Why shouldn’t a good game get ported? A lot of people missed out on the Nintendo Wii U because for a lot of them it wasn’t worth the purchase therefore good games like Super Mario 3D World undeservingly get tossed into the pit.
        If ports too away a ton of time from Nintendo’s Big Projects then I could understand the opposition but they don’t, from Nintendo’s Perspective they are probably child’s play.

      3. Give it a rest christopher james… Games do take time away from nintendo… Wheres mario kart 9? Wheres the newest super mario bros? That excuse is invalid… Nothing besides ports was released this year. And the whole nobody had the wiiu thing was their faults…

        You say the wiiu had no good games, wasnt worth it yet the games being on the switcj prove how backwards and hypocritical fans can be.. You had years of these games being out and because you didnt want the original console they where released on dispite it having good games you feel entitled to expect tbey get ported. He was right about needed to port games from gens other than the previous…

        Im sorry but someone had to say this..

      4. “Nothing besides ports was released this year.”

        Let’s ignore that Super Mario Party, Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu/Eevee and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate were a thing just for the sake of bitching, shall we?

        Try harder next time.

      5. Fine ill also give you some food for thought… (B.S)kullclad. Mario tennis aces = mario tennis ultra smash. While is a good game is still obviously a rushed empty upgrade.

        Mario party… Same as mario tennis but built using mario part 10’s engine and models.

        Pokemon lets go.. A remake of games that came out a decades ago.

        And super smash bros… While the only game people game a damn about this year and is still a game that recycled smash 4’s assets… You honestly shoulve stayed quiet love.. As you only proven my point regarding the quality of games the switch has gotten this year…

  4. Metroid Prime 4 is a MUST-SHOW thing. Like, I will classify this year’s show a failure if it doesn’t appear. Since the tweet mentions Smash Bros., I wager we might get a tease of at least one of the five unannounced DLC fighters.

    As for the “surprise” announcements, I am praying to an entity I don’t even believe in that F-Zero for Switch is one of them.

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