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Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Website Live

Monster Hunter fans will eagerly be awaiting the series 15th anniversary which takes place in March 2019 to see what the company has in store for the franchise. The official website is now live and you can view it here. Capcom has already announced a new Monster Hunter World expansion and hopefully there will also be something announced for the Nintendo Switch.

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18 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Website Live”

        1. That would be way out of left field. But I get the feeling the DLC characters are all going to be out of left field and be characters we don’t expect to be in Smash. First there was Piranha Plant & now there is Joker. Geralt would fit in that theme.

            1. World is getting a G-Rank expansion. Have you tried tempered Deviljho in World? That ain’t casual brah.
              Yeah, I do agree. The roster is far better in MHGU, if by characters you mean monsters. But World is adding more monsters for free still.

              1. I fucking love fighting the PickleMonster (my nickname for Deviljho because he looks like a pickle to me.) Before moving on from MH Tri, I remember actually getting good fighting against him. It was still heart pounding to face him, though. (I miss those days.)

                1. We call him “Sylteagurken” in Norwegian. Meaning “The Pickle”. Arch Tempered Deviljho isn’t something to laugh about though.

                  Yeah, I remember him from back in the day. When you heard his theme your blood pressure started to rise dramatically.

    1. I just hope the game can reach new heights and reach as many people as possible. No logic to keep it for yourself. Will it earn more money and get bigger budgets if more people buys it.

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