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Nintendo Of America President Talks About E3

IGN had the opportunity to speak to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime after this year’s The Game Awards 2018. Reggie explained to the publication why E3 is so important for the company and the video games industry as a whole. He also hinted that the company will once again be focussing on software “extending into the first or second calendar quarter following E3.”

“E3, those five days, is the opportunity for the world to find out what’s new for video games as entertainment. And during that time, we generate more engagement than…whether it’s CES or Comic-Con, or other big entertainment events,” Fils-Aime told IGN. “People tune in to find out what’s new and to have first playable experiences for our industry. That’s why E3 is important to Nintendo.”

“Our mentality has been to constantly innovate what we do and how we message at E3,” he said. “We’ve innovated in how we utilize our booth space, to create a little piece of Hyrule or to create a little piece of the environment in Super Mario Odyssey, as examples. We innovate in how we deliver our messaging, whether it was the big stage productions or whether it’s the Direct communications that we do today.

“And so everyone’s watching, we drive innovation, we leverage the elements, so for us it’s a very effective opportunity to deliver our message, and therefore it’s a bit of a no-brainer for us to participate. Now, what’s important as an industry, though, is that E3 in total continues to innovate and it continues to be that leading opportunity to drive consumer engagement in this way. So that’s why we participate. That’s why I sit on the board of the ESA and help drive some of this thinking. It’s important to us.”

“Broadly speaking, we like to talk about games that are closer. Typically, for example, at E3, we’ll focus on content maybe extending into the first or second calendar quarter following E3. That is typically our horizon,” he said. “We believe that works because it’s close enough that the fans can be excited and look forward to it. And when we do have an exception and do something different, we’re doing it for very specific reasons.

“Maybe we have two experiences within a particular franchise, and we know that one might be maybe a nontraditional representation of that franchise. Or maybe then it’s important for us to frame that the more traditional visualization of that franchise is coming. ‘Fans, don’t worry, but here’s something different to tide you over in the meantime.’ So that’s how we think about it, and how we approach our consumer communication. We want to be near-end. We want to deliver news when it’s most meaningful. We don’t want to be so far out that the consumer either loses interest, or worse, gets frustrated.”


54 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America President Talks About E3”

  1. In other words, no Metroid Prime 4 in this new year’s E3…
    Hopefully they’ll announce a Super Metroid remake but that’s just wishful thinking. Oh and I will not believe any rumors.

      1. True. He used to be cool, but now it’s just a common PR person. I will never believe in any Metroid shirt that Reggie.

      2. It was a Smash Bros shirt featuring a new character to that series, on the night of that game’s release. Sure, it may also be a nod to what is probably the biggest game the company is currently working on, but the fact that people are frothing at the mouth over a “Metroid” shirt, and taking offense to someone promoting an upcoming game is nuts. Nintendo likes to reveal their products close to release. We also haven’t seen footage from Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion, or Bayo 3, and I can pretty much guarantee that those are releasing before Metroid. So Metroid is going to have to wait it’s turn.

    1. Don’t do a Metroid 3 remake … We need to see Prime 4, bayonetta 3, Prime Trilogy, F-ZERO, Starfox…

      Mario kart 9?
      Metroid Prime hunters?
      Luigi’s Mansion 1&2 HD?
      Daemon X Machina?

      1. Judging from the final cut scene of Samus Returns, it could instead be that they are making a Fusion remake, but I agree with you. Those games you listed deserve to come to the Switch.

      2. I agree, they shouldn’t make a Super Metroid remake. They should instead make Metroid 5. And they should keep that game a traditional side scrolling Metroid game.

        1. While I love and adore Super Metroid, I honestly wouldn’t mind a remake with a 3D style. As long as they do it the same way they remade Metroid 1 & 2, I’m okay with as those remakes still stayed (mostly) true to the originals.

          BUT I think they should first focus on remaking some of the bad Metroid games that most people hated first. *cough*OtherM*cough*FederationForce*cough*

  2. bla, bla, blaa…
    yes reggie e3 is important why nothing important came from nintendo?
    there was nothing… nothing that we dident knew before.
    no adult game… nothing.
    whats comming next e3… metroid prime… yoshi when its not out already… pikmin and some wii wii u remakes.
    what is with eternal darkness… f-zero… a real starfox?
    how about a game with great story telling like last of us?

    1. Next E3 will be Animal Crossing, Pokemon, probably Pikmin, likely Metroid, maybe a new Zelda game from the 2nd team. There are enough possibilities.

      1. I really hope that they are making a smaller scale top down traditional Zelda game.
        I don’t think they are doing it, but I hope they are.

    2. “there was nothing… nothing that we didn’t knew before.”

      I didn’t knew that Daemon X Machina was “known beforehand”.

      “no adult game… nothing.”

      Because “adult games” are what determines a company’s sucess, yes?

      “whats comming next e3… metroid prime… yoshi when its not out already… pikmin and some wii wii u remakes.”

      Metroid Prime 4, Pokémon 8th gen, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Bayonetta 3. Yoshi will launch in Spring.

      “what is with eternal darkness… f-zero… a real starfox?”

      Eternal Darkness, agree. F-Zero disagree. “A real StarFox”, maybe.

      “how about a game with great story telling like last of us?”

      Because “a great storytelling” determines a company’s sucess, yes?²

      So many things wrong with this post…

      1. He never said they were needed for success. The Switch is already a success. It needs more games from Nintendo themselves to keep it a success, though. Nintendo needs more “adult” games like Eternal Darkness which is 1st party as they own the game even though it was made by a 3rd party. Bayonetta 3, on the other hand, isn’t owned by Nintendo. They are funding the project, sure, but it’s still not theirs. That property belongs to Sega still. As for Daemon X Machina, that’s not Nintendo 1st party, either, as Marvelous owns it; they are the developer. Nintendo is merely publishing it outside of Japan, so it’s an exclusive for the Switch. For now, at least. So in terms of pure 1st party games, frentz is not entirely wrong. Not much came directly from Nintendo themselves to the Switch this year other than Smash Ultimate and I think that Kirby game that released earlier this year.

  3. If the last couple paragraphs of this post are what Nintendo intends then prime 4 shouldn’t of been teased at e3 2017.
    I mean seriously, can we go 2 years + with no more info on this game.
    I know it’s gona take a lot of time and effort to create something amazing, but the constant rumours and the teasing with Reggie and his t shirt, pin badge or whatever, it’s getting annoying now.

    1. I think the last paragraph is very specifically speaking to the Metroid reveal. They felt it was necessary to show that it was being worked on, despite it’s release being further out than they’re typically comfortable, specifically because they were revealing Samus Returns. They knew that there would be backlash over Samus Returns as a 3DS title (at a time where everyone is demanding all the content on the Switch), especially because of controversial releases like Federation Force and, to a lesser extent, Other M. So, to stave off frustration, they chose to do a logo tease and crushed E3 with it.

  4. As usual, Reggie is playing the PR game. When he uses the example franchise to make his point, he is playing off of the fans, making it seem like he’s talking about Metroid (or another franchise) when he is, in reality, just using a hypothetical.
    Nintendo: king of trolls.
    I love it.

    1. we are not acting like kids.
      its true… reggie says they just games that arrive in the next 6 month or teasing something that would come.
      since the metroid theme and title screen… there are no infos or something like that.
      take naughty dog… they teaset us for i guess two years ago and know we got a awesome trailer… metroid… nothing… less than nothing.

      1. Grow up! Nintendo knows what they’re doing… and the president of the company here in America is telling the truth. You really need to put more faith in the company and have patience. Lacking patience and pulling out the Dobis PR bullshit card, it becomes a double-edge sword.

    2. What you call “acting like a five year old,” I call acting like a customer/consumer that demands a better product & refuses to settle for anything less. In fact, those of us that actually demand it is the reason people that settle get good games and good systems. So you’re welcome!

    1. While I’m not one to get irritated at Nintendo for anything they do/do not do with their franchises, at this point much of the anticipation has worn off and the recent innuendo by Nintendo is bound to be grating to a lot of people.
      They aren’t upset that Reggie wore a Metroid shirt, they’re upset because he’s dancing in the shadows with information we know he has, but instead of revealing some of it, he decides to seemingly poke fun at Metroid fans’ anticipation.

    2. why teasing… when there is nothing.
      its great that he weare that shirt but honestly… if you do something like that it means something… but reggie plays with us.

      1. Because there is something, but they aren’t ready to reveal it yet. They wait until the consumers and fans are ravenous, or forget. Then they drop a pretty substantial bomb of game information, video, gameplay and build the hype higher than we could fathom.
        It was a definite tease though. They want people to expect it, then let us down slightly when the info isn’t revealed. The internet goes wild digging for information, rumors, leaks and such. Just wait my good frentz79. In a short amount of time, all will be uncloaked.

        1. It’s not damage control. The damage control is from those defending Reggie. This guy has been the worst NoA president in the history of the American branch. So bad, in fact, that Iwata had to pull double shifts as the CEO of the entire company of Nintendo worldwide and personally help NoA by babysitting Reggie. Since some of you forgot already, let me remind you that Reggie was the moron that almost kept us from getting Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower, forcing a ton of fans to form Operation Rainfall. We got those games because customers wanted them and demanded them. They didn’t bow their heads, kiss Reggie’s ass, and said “Yes, sir! You know what you are doing! If you think these games won’t do good in America, we’ll accept that decision!” Reggie is a great PR guy but a terrible leader. Let someone else run the NoA branch.

          If Iwata hadn’t have died, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Reggie was eventually moved to another position and replaced with another with more experience in running a company branch. It’s a shame Phil Spencer is at Microsoft’s Xbox division as he’d be perfect with how well he’s pulled the Xbox One out of it’s shithole to where it’s doing better than it’s initial year under Don Mattrick. I will give Reggie credit for one thing. He would have been smarter than Mattrick when it came time to piss all over the fans. He would have done it with some great PR jargon and not have been right in their faces with “If you don’t like it, buy an Xbox 360. So deal with it.” or whatever the hell Mattrick said to piss people off.

  5. I’m gona bitch and moan and feel let down every time we don’t get any more info on mp4.
    BUT, when it finally arrives il take it all back if it’s an outstanding game!
    I’m sure it will be.

  6. Metroid Prime Trilogy HD would have been nice than to tide us over til Metroid Prime 4 releases. Yet nothing of the trilogy releasing to Switch yet. Not even a trailer showing the trilogy was coming to Switch in 2019. This entire “we don’t want to show anything that’s 9 months or more away” is actually rather annoying. Sure Death Stranding has shown a teaser once a year since it’s first reveal but least Kojima is giving us SOMETHING.

    And no.; the game available to play on Wii U through Wii backwards compatibility isn’t gonna cut it since it’s not HD. Besides, Metroid Prime Trilogy released back in August of 2009. It’ll be ten years old next year. They’ve waited long enough to re-release it.

    And as another above said, where’s a hint of a new F-Zero? A new Star Fox? Either an HD remaster of Eternal Darkness, a sequel to Eternal Darkness, or both? Where the fuck is Pikmin 4!? Miyamoto said over 2 or 3 years ago that the damn game was almost ready yet not a damn word of it since. Revive Ice Climbers and give it the Kid Icarus Uprising treatment. I like Smash Bros but they spent WAY too much time on that game this year. With their being 4 more DLC characters to announce, I don’t see them shutting up about the game any time soon to reveal something other than Smash. Switch’s first year was great as we got Zelda, Mario, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Kirby, and Yoshi yet after that, we’ve gone right back to Nintendo only giving us 1 or 2 (maybe 3) games a year from them like the Wii U gen. It’s nice that the Switch is getting so much 3rd party multi-plat support but I got a PS4 for that now. Where’s more 1st party stuff from Nintendo themselves? Nintendo’s E3 2019 better come packing because this year’s E3 was lacking; too much Smash.

    Maybe Nintendo just can’t cut it with having to work on games and new consoles anymore. Maybe it’s becoming too much to wrangle both. If that’s the case, maybe it’s the fact they are trying too hard to come up with some new revolutionary gimmick to base their next system around. A solution could be to instead of creating another system with some new revolutionary gimmick, they could improve on the current system with a boost in infrastructure and power instead. The Switch seems to be a nice culmination of the Wii’s motion controls & the Wii U’s attempt at being a portable device in your house (by way of the Gamepad.) Improve on that shit because it seems to be doing damn good right now! Take a cue from Sony and Microsoft and just make a Switch 2 or, if you want to be more creative with the name, SwitcherWOO or some shit!

    Or maybe it’s not working on games and systems that’s the issue for Nintendo. Maybe the issue is working on games and TWO SYSTEMS while trying to keep the current systems afloat. Maybe it finally is a good time to drop the handheld market and go all in with the hybrid system, focusing on just one game system for both home console and handheld markets while working on games for said system and working on a new system that will replace the current one that will also focus on home console and handheld markets. It’ll be a market they’ll drive themselves as they’ll be the only game system (for a time) like they once drove the home console & handheld markets.

    Drop the 3DS, use the Switch as it’s replacement (like how the Switch replaced the Wii U), and stop working on some handheld only system to replace the 3DS. No more ports of Gamecube games for the 3DS. Make them for the Switch instead in GLORIOUS HD. I’d love for them to continue making two systems, one for home console and one for the handheld market, but if that’s putting too much strain on Nintendo to do that while supporting the current ones with games, maybe it’s sadly time to stop doing two systems.

    But I digress. I could be all wrong. I’m mostly just rambling, so don’t mind me. Probably too TL;DR for some, anyway.

    1. I hear ya. I’m actually pretty content with the games that are announced for next year though. I’ve personally never enjoyed Star Fox (as a kid I was obsessed with the X-Wing and Tie Fighter games on PC, so shooters on rails didn’t do it for me) and I never actually played an F-Zero or Beyond Good and Evil, but its a testament to the diverse fandom Nintendo has that they could have had so many first party titles out in the last two years and still have fans clamoring for things. But yeah, for sure this year up til October has been a bit of a let down.

      They clearly did everything they could to crush the first year and averaged one new AAA title every other month with a port in the off months. That stopped hard after Christmas, and we basically got one game a quarter. Had they gotten Yoshi and Fire Emblem out like they seemed to want, we’d have had Yoshi, Fire Emblem, Kirby, Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Pokemon, and Smash bros. That’d be about as many big AAA releases as in the first launch window, but definitely missing a few of the ports they padded out the first year with. Instead, with the delays, the quality of the titles being just a little less than the first year, and no real massive single player title like BotW, Odyssey, and Xenoblade, this was a real drag til October.

      But hey, if we look at from this holiday to next holiday we’ll likely have had Mario Party, Pokemon, Smash bros, Yoshi, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion, and Mario Wii U. If they get all those out in 2019 at regular intervals, and toss in a few surprises, I think its fair to say the drought is over.

    2. The Switch has pretty much been carried by third party and ports in 2018 for the most part, so I can’t blame some thinking it’s not as good as last year. Especially if you’re not into Smash.

      Based on what we know, 2019 shouldn’t be as lacking though. This year hasn’t been too bad from my point of view despite also having a PS4 because I tend to have a preference for some third party games on the Switch. (Always good to have an excuse to use the Pro Controller)

  7. I agree that E3 is a fun time for games and I always look forward to it. Too many people these days have pretty crazy expectations though.

    E3 really isn’t the only time big games and announcements come.

  8. lol you guys r insane

    Smash is selling so well there’s literally no reason for Nintendo to show or release anything for a few months. No need to give information early or rush games. Plus, everything you guys are saying with be completely meaningless after Metroid Prime 4 is shown cause that game isn’t cancelled xD it’s still going to release, and, according to the evil Reggie, it is developing quite well.

  9. That’s the reason I said to people stop paying attention at rumours.

    Reggie came at TGA with a Smash T-shirt with Ridley on it and “ooooh we are so going to get a Metroid reveal”, when Metroid never were that strong to be shown at TGA.

    When they didn’t get the teaser “hurr Reggie is ass, teasing us for nothing”.

    People really need to chill. The Switch already has a plethora of good games, with even more on the way. Don’t tell me people have bought it just because of Metroid.

  10. “at E3, we’ll focus on content maybe extending into the first or second calendar quarter following E3”

    Only thing bad about that is people usually already knows what’s coming in those following months. And it leaves little surprises. Everybody else is complaining about Metroid, but I don’t give a crap about that. I want Pikmin 4, Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion 3. THOSE are the games that will make me finally plug my Switch back in and take a break from my PS4.

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