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The Nintendo Switch Version Of DOOM Now Has Video Capture Support

The DOOM franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary, so Panic Button has decided to celebrate the occasion by giving the Switch version of DOOM a major update. The 1.2 update is a big one, adding “increased performance, the ability to add recent players to your Friend List, and video capture”. Panic Button tweeted the news on their official Twitter, so you can see their tweet down below.

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    1. Are you on crack? You wouldn’t pay more than a tenner for Doom on Switch? What kind of entitled asshole are you?

      1. That’s not entitlement at all. Looking at a product and giving it a value based on how much value it has to you personally is a very reasonable thing.

  1. This is great and all, but I think this is going waaay to slow, surely it can’t be too daunting to support video capture, I feel like video capture feature should be STANDARD in every game, I mean, Smash doesn’t even have video capture!!!

      1. In order to make it a system level feature, they would need to have the memory to store 30 seconds of h.264 video. It also should use more battery because obviously the encoders being used but also the CPU is being used to write files to the SD card or System memory so there’s additional resources being used all around.

        The PS4 can have it at system level because it has an additional 512MB and another small SoC to help with that. Because of that, it’s always storing the last 15 minutes of gameplay.

    1. The Switch didn’t support video capture back at launch, so updating older games to support it was optional. As a direct result, including it in new games was optional as well.
      As mentioned before a good deal of games made count on the performance video capture would’ve hogged as well.

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