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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes File-Size Is 5.6GB

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is now available for pre-load in Europe which is sure to excite fans. The listing reveals that the game’s file-size is reasonably big as it is 5.6GB. You can either purchase the standalone game or alternatively you can get a bundle which comes with the Season Pass for future content. The game supports the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.



    1. You’re underestimating an Unreal Engine 4 powered spin-off on fucking purpose! STFU! Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will be a fun hack-and-slash platform title that’s based on indie games with a twist. You have no experience whatsoever.

    2. “crap even the first wii game looks bether”

      In what way does it look “bether”, Mr. Mike Tyson? This particular game is leaps and bounds over the Wii NMH games on a technical and aesthetic level. Maybe not the same style you were hoping for, but rest assured, things will be much BETHER for your eyes once NMH 3 comes out.

      1. If this game really is in your opinion “leaps and bounds over NMH” why do you have to say to be sure NMH3 will be much better?
        Just admit this game looks like trash, its low effort spin-off, no one is hyped for this trash, it is ugly and gameplay seems boring af
        I only hope it wont bomb so hard they decide not to make a real NMH game, because “herp derp seems like fans dont want another NMH game since this shit didnt sell”

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