Charles Martinet ‏Breaks Record Of Most Video Game Voiceover Performances As Same Character With 100 As Mario


The wonderful Charles Martinet has announced on Twitter that he has broke a new record as a voiceover. He has voiced the Italian plumber Mario one hundred times. The record was broken with the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. He has received a certificate from The Guinness World Records.


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the tip!


  1. He is the best of the best, he deserves it! No one has worked hardest at staying true to their voice roles as Charles Martinet has, he definitely has earned that honor, he is a true hero!

  2. Congrats, Charles! Please continue to be amazing. This record will be very tough to beat. People will still hear your voice a hundred years from now. I wonder who’s the previous titleholder?

    1. Unfortunately, someone else will have to voice him sooner or later. Even Mickey Mouse had to be given a new voice actor. Thankfully they always managed to hire someone that could imitate the iconic voice Walt Disney gave him, so if Nintendo makes the effort, they can find someone to do the same for Mario.

            1. On second thought, my name IS comprised of two villains here in WordPress Land. So screw it. I’ll own up to & embrace the word ruin.

              I ruined it because…

  3. So cool! Congratulations, he deserves it, ^^

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    sonicgalaxy27 says:

    This man deserve it. He is the best.

  5. Congrats, Charles Martinet. It’ll be a sad day when you pass. When that day does unfortunately come, I hope Nintendo will make an effort to hire someone that can mimic your iconic voice for the character.

    1. Matthew Lillard is okay as Shaggy in the new Scooby Doo cartoons, but I really wish they had hired someone that could have mimicked the original voice actor.

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