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Team Villains Win Latest Splatoon 2 Splatfest

The latest Splatoon 2 Splatfest has been taking place and as always there can only be one winner. This time it was Team Villains who walked away victorious beating Team Heroes who were the more popular choice. It was a 2-1 victory for Team Villains. Well done to everyone who participated!



    1. Commander, how do you feel about Kingdom Hearts 3 being leaked and that the copies that were stolen were from the Xbox One console?

  1. That was expected. I literally threw up in my mouth when I saw the post “I’m bad, and I KNOW it.”

  2. I wonder how likely it is that cheating influenced the outcome.

    I mean … the kind of people who relate with villains ARE far more likely to not care about playing fair.

    My experience was that every match I lost had someone on the villain team with an unreasonable amount of splats (14 – 21 when no one else on either team got more than 4 – 8)

  3. The one Splatfest I was too busy to sink time in to play between downtown excursions and parties, and I only made it to fiend rank in 30 minutes of play. Oh well, at least I picked Team Villains and got 5 snails out of it. Appropriately I managed to find an Octoling amiibo 3-pack today while Christmas shopping that I implicitly grabbed so I know what those snails are being used on!

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