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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Topped 5 Million During First 3 Days

Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch has been a resounding success for Nintendo. It has sold extremely well the world over and the latest game in the Smash Bros series has sold over five million units digitally and physically over the first three days it went on sale. It will certainly be interesting how it performs over the next year.

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  1. WTF…. jesus thats insane.
    The wii sold 9 Millions in liftime.
    omg… how this will end?
    i guess there comes another million in to the end of month.
    congratulation Big N

      1. hmmm i thought 70/30 phisical/Digital
        by smash with consol bundle
        im getting old so my friends & co hates digital.
        i dont know 1 Person that buys digital. they are between 35&45.

        1. A few years ago the split was higher on the digital sales for both Sony and Xbox. Like 2014-2015 or something. Nintendo stated that there is a strong demand for physical yet, so I’m just speculating they’re at the level where digital just has a bit more in sales. Don’t know Europe in general, but here where I live the average gamer is 30 years old. And I only know 1 dude in that age that don’t buy digitally, and myself ofc.

      2. I’d be very skeptical of this specifically for a Nintendo game. Kids are less likely to buy digital, and adult Nintendo fans are more likely to care about physical media.

        1. I don’t know that many kids to be honest, but my I got two twin little brothers on 14. And one of them never buys physical and tells me non of his friends do it either. I think they’re more used to download than we think. Phones, F2P and Steam makes it much more a norm for them than my generation. But Switch only got 32GB storage, so people might be inclined to by physical.

          I don’t kids leans toward physical more than others. They have to ask parents for permission to buy both at a store and on the eShop either way.

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