Soulja Boy Has Stopped Selling His Consoles On Store Due To A Potential Nintendo Lawsuit

Rapper Soulja Boy seems to have had a change of heart when it comes to advertising his ‘consoles’ and putting them on his SouljaWatch website. He has since taken them down presumably because of an impending lawsuit. The ‘consoles’ looked suspiciously like other consoles on the market and included games from retro Nintendo platforms and others, which he didn’t have permission to sell or obtain.

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  1. What a idiot. Another fool who doesn’t understand business. This isn’t music you can’t just steal whatever you want.

    1. I guess you don’t understand music either. You can’t steal anything. Even when sampling is done you have clear everything. If a rapper is sampling, then you better bet that they are paying (usually) over 75% of all sales. A remix falls in that category as well, unless when it’s done for free, but even then they need permission, or the owner can have it taken down.

      Look at Lucid Dream by Juice WRLD for a recent example. He sampled Shape of my Heart by Sting, he didn’t clear the song until it got famous and now Sting owns 85% of Lucid Dreams. You can try to say whatever you want, but when both artist are getting paid, it’s not stealing.

      1. That guy DRAM several years ago made that song I like to cha cha, which actually sampled a Mario game in the original version… and he had to pull the song and change the beat, so yeah. Nintendo is watching and listening.

      1. At least we’re not trying to profit off of rom hacks running on already-existing, yet barely functioning, bootleg systems found on Ali Express, China.

      2. amanfromdeclan is right. There is a difference between using rom hacks, emulators, etc for personal enjoyment & ripping that shit onto Chinese made knock off game consoles & trying to sell them for a buck to fill their piggy bank.

      3. It’s one thing to download an emulator, it’s a gray area since it’s okay if you own the game. Its another when you poorly package them into a console then sell it at an insane price to people who blindly support.

        if youre selling emulation and roms of games that already cost, then youre actually crossing the red line of illegal file sharing.

      1. What makes you think they made an account for that purpose? In case you didn’t know, you can actually change your display name? Not to mention you are allowed to sign in as a guest/anonymous which is not the same as making an account.

  2. “For anyone who thinks Nintendo is going to sue me you’re retarded. Nothings going to happen everything is legit. My console isn’t going anywhere trust me 😁”

    What a complete idiot. I haven’t seen someone so damn clueless and ignorant in life. I hope after this he disappears into irrelevancy again and never comes back.

    1. I have no idea how you didn’t. You’re around my age right? (I’m 29) because this loser was everywhere while I was in middle school. Specially his stupid as dance and idiotic glasses.

        1. Eh, when someone is set in their ways, and keep a narrow mind on most things, it’s hard to speak to them. That’s why I didn’t reply to him .

  3. What Souljaboy needs to do is bow out of the Video Game market completely. Smh…the lesson I HOPE he’s learned is “do your research in doing business the right way. ESPECIALLY INVOLVING NINTENDO PROPERTIES!”

    Then he would’ve known NINTENDO has a reputation of being cut throat & down right vicious in the legal system. You actually thought you were gonna steal their handheld design & their games as well?

    How stupid could you possibly be?

    You wanna do video games Souljaboy? Try cell phone apps instead, as long as you create an original game & not a cheap RIP OFF like “Super Souljaboy Brothers”.

  4. I’ve been a nintendo customer since the late 80’s but if Nintendo sue’s the Mathias family for $12 million and doesn’t sue Solja Boy until he’s got nothing left to crank after all his BS then I’m not buying another Nintendo product.

    1. I doubt they gonna cry over it.
      On the legal stand point, this clown had not yet delivered any of the consoles, so C&D order is enough, especially when this clown folded right away.
      I’m assuming that family is the one that was hosting roms?
      They were actively engaging illegal activity, not sure if they were issued an C&D, but if were and they kept doing it, sure shits gonna hit the fan sooner or later.
      Also this clown was known person and easily reachable as an individual, I doubt same can be said about the rom site administration.

      I do agree, that they should take him in to court and probably not seek ridiculous amount from from web site owners who can never pay that kinda of money.
      But I’m guessing they are making an example, and it worked already since a lot of those sites stopped hosting rom files.

  5. So when a black person says “boss up” they actually mean “punk out” “Pussy Out” “be a bitch and be out” gotcha,
    takes a special kind of stupid to get scam like that

  6. How do people STILL expect Nintendo won’t care? That being said, I really wish companies couldn’t take down stuff like this if they’re no longer producing this stuff. Stuff can get expensive.

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