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Nintendo President On 20 Million Switch Goal: “It’s A Bit High, But It’s Achievable”

Nintendo has set an immensely high target regarding sales of its Nintendo Switch console. The company set a lofty target of selling 20 million Nintendo Switch units by the end of this fiscal year. Speaking to Japanese publication The Sankei News, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa had the following to say about the target:

“It’s a bit high, but it’s achievable. The first order of business, though, is to maximize sales during the holiday rush.”

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29 thoughts on “Nintendo President On 20 Million Switch Goal: “It’s A Bit High, But It’s Achievable””

      1. Yeah. Gamecube sold about 20million units. If Nintendo ever wants to have a good selling console then maybe next generation aim to be as powerful as the competitors.
        PlayStation 4 sells well. I dont care about the most powerful console but that’s what Nintendo needs to focus on if they want their console to sell like that again. 3rd Party games sell consoles.

        1. I agree. It doesn’t need to be the strongest since the hybrid format is quite popular the world over, but it need to be somewhat stronger than what it is now. Especially when PS5 and Scarlett hits the marked, or else there won’t be a lot of third party games.

          Prime 4 probably will do just fine on Switch, but I bet it will be 2020, or very late 2019 until we get it since Nintendo want a large user base before releasing it.

      2. Agree, but a trilogy of primes would certainly grow more interest in the mp4 game.
        Mainly to get that 20m number we’re looking at pokemon, a new Mario kart, new Mario platformer and another big Zelda adventure.

        1. Yeah, a Prime trilogy should definitely be on Switch before 4.
          A few years back I would say Zelda wasn’t going to be as important as the other titles you mentioned here, but BotW really made a renaissance for the series and Nintendo.

      3. I count figure out how to reply to gruntilda directly, but doesn’t the GC and Xbox prove that being a powerful console doesn’t mean taht much o3o they both sold 20 million to the ps2 155 million, when the GC was 1.7x the power of the PS2, in addition to the Xbox being 1.4x the power over the Gamecube (2.38x the ps2) and had an actual online service. I think people over play the mini dvd for the GC as well. yes it held less data, but unlike the N64 cartridges, they where also cheaper to produce so you could just put two mini disks instead of 1 full disk and it cost about the same.

        1. You’re right, but I think you’re overthinking the console performance aspect here. We’re not talking about that the Switch need to be something like 4K capable or a powerhouse, but what we’re referring is one of two things:
          1. That Metroid won’t save a console, since GameCube got two Prime titles.
          2. Is that Switch needs third party support, or else it will end up losing a lot of sale. Just look at Wii U. Lot of 1. party, and quite little 3. party. Some of the reason for that was that Wii U was quite weak compared to PS4 and Xbox One when they released. Wii U got somewhat 3. party support at launch, but died quickly after the other next gen consoles came out.

          That’s what concerns me if Switch isn’t going through some hardware revisions when PS5 and Scarlet launches. It might just not keep up to receive 3. party.

    1. Sadly, they are right. Metroid has never been the seller that Mario, Zelda, & Pokemon are. In fact, not even Zelda can fully match Mario & Pokemon when it comes to it’s game sales & the boost it can give to a Nintendo system to sell, sadly. Of course, they can’t do it alone (well maybe Pokemon can) as the Switch did as well as it did because it had more than just Zelda going for it in 2017. It had ARMS, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem, & a plethora of indie & 3rd party titles.

    1. That reminds me that I want a sequel of DK 64. I truly think that Retro and/or Ubisoft are excellent for making this happen.

  1. The Switch was in dire need of heavy hitters this year. Thankfully, Smash Bros, Mario Party and Pokemon Let’s Go provided a much needed push… But they can attribute the struggle to reach their goal to the barren months of straight ports (Captain Toad and DKC Tropical Freeze) and not so heavy First Party Games (Mario Tennis).
    Did I mention that this year’s E3 also took a punch out of the Switch’s momentum? Felt like an anti-climax.

    A good Year overall though… Thank You Fortnite, Thank You Warframe, Thank You Diablo, Thank You Wolfenstein, Thank You Megaman 11, Thank You Indies (Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, Celeste) … I wish the Switch a much better 2019.

    Happy New Year in Advance Everyone.

  2. It’s definitely achievable.

    Especially with Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, and Pokémon coming out for the Switch in 2019. Those three games will surely help them reach their 20 million unit goal.

    1. The goal isn’t to sell 20 million total o3o they did that a long time ago. It was to sell 20 million in one fiscal year, aka from march 2018 to march 2019

  3. Reduce the price and people but be inclined to pick up the system… bundle in a pack in game like 1, 2 Switch or whatever it was called. Something like $250.00 would sell.

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